Math 53: Summer 2013




Your grade will be calculated as follows: However, missing the final will result in automatic failure of the course.


This is a draft of the schedule. We'll see how the class goes.


Due dates: generally, homework assigned on Monday and Tuesday will be due at the beginning of the following Thursday's lecture, and homeworks assigned on Wenesday, Thursday, and Friday will be due at the beginning of the following Monday's lecture. Bonus problems don't have any specific due date. Each homework will be graded out of 20 points: 10 for completion + 10 for a number of randomly selected problems. Though I highly recommend to do all the homework assigned, 10 for comletion will be given for around 80% of the work done. To make grader's life easier and to prevent misunderstanding that might result in a drop of homework grade, please follow a few policies:
  1. The front page must have the assigned text-section numbers, your name and your student number written clearly at the top right.
  2. The front page must also show a list of all the assigned problem numbers, and you must circle the problem numbers you have omitted.
  3. Omitted problems must appear in your homework with the word "OMITTED" in place of a solution.
  4. The homework must be stapled at the top left, and the stapling should not cover any of your work.
  5. Bonus problems should be turned in separately, because I will grade them myself.


Quizzes will be held twice a week except for the weeks you'll have midterms on. There will be 12 quizzes in total, 2 worst grades will be dropped.

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