What is this list?

This list of films is ordered w.r.t. the “demanding viewer” grade GR. The higher in the list, the better is what “demaning users” of IMDB think about the film. To augment the grade, the entries in the list are equipped with exhaustive additional information (a lot of it in mouse popups!) and with links leading to more detailed reviews of the film

What is the grade GR?

The grade GR is a calculated grade; it is not my (or anybody else’s) personal opinion, but an “objective grade”: a result of certain delicate massage of what IMDB contributors think about the film. While it uses the same units as the IMDB grade (for example, the range is from 1 to 10; higher means better), it is significantly more evenly distributed; most of the time, it is also significantly below the average IMDB grade (although there are many exceptions).

These “delicate considerations” are based on my observations of how IMDB contributors behave, hence the grade GR is an objective measure choosen based on subjective observations (for more details, jump here). Currently, I believe that, for many people around me, this calculated grade is much more helpful for deciding which film to watch than any other system I saw (either “objective”, or based on opinions of friends, critics etc).

How to use this list?

Of course, as with any “objective measure”, one should not trust the calculated grade GR blindly (especially if the “robustness” is low). This grade (and the relative position of a film in the list below) is just a suggestion; clicking on the film’s title (better click with the middle mouse button!) leads to the “most helpful” reviews of the film.

I consider these reviews (which I call “reviews from demanding viewers”) to be much more important than the grade GR itself. These reviews have a very good chance to contain intelligent observations about the film. (The way to find these reviews is the keystone which makes this page possible.) Let me repeat: I strongly recommend inspecting all the supplied “additional info” about the film and these reviews before deciding whether to watch a film or not; the grade GR should only help to decide which rows in the table should be inspected first! (For more details, visit the main page.)

Review links leading to empty pages (or pages with few review):

these are not always avoidable due to very limited control one has over IMDB display of reviews. If you see this, just switch to the “opposite” view-type (Hate It vs. Love It), and go to the end of the list of reviews.

Film’s info hidden in the entries in the list:

Grades GR are color-coded for robustness: 0 / 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8 / 8.5 / 9. The lower the robustness, the more probable it is that the grade is a result of a statistical fluke. Robustness above 3.5 is expected to be sufficient for most practical purposes. Grades with robustness below about 0.5 have a very high chance to be affected by statistical flukes.

Most columns in the table have additional information provided when mouse is resting over the field. (This information is summarized when mouse is resting over cells in the header row of the table.) The display (or non-display) of icons can be controlled by changing selection in the browser’s menu View/Page Style. The release year is color-coded to denote TV films, TV mini-series, and TV series. The director’s name is bluish-tinted if its popup has additional info about other films by this director.

GR Year Genres Title Extra links / Director, etc / «Original title»
10.0 2011 DoColor Jessie's Dad Boaz Dvir, W, P, M
10.0 2010 DoSFNe The Enemy of the Smile: AA - An Ancient Bacterium Alireza Meybodi, W, W, P
10.0 2006 SCColor Auteur Kevin Abrams, W, P, M
10.0 2005 TVTVTV DRColor "South of Nowhere" P, M TV series 2005-2008
10.0 2005 STColor Kenmore Ave Nunzio Fazio, W, W, P
10.0 2003 DSWeColor Last Stand Gabe Torres, W, P, M
10.0 1999 CrDColor Born Bad Jeff Yonis, W, W, ++, P, M
10.0 1998 TVTVTV CrDColor "Vengeance Unlimited" P, M TV series 1998-1999
10.0 1998 TV BCColor Freak Spike Lee, W, W, P TV
10.0 1994 TVTVTV AnACrFFanTColor "Gargoyles" M TV series 1994-1996
10.0 1988 TVTVTV DWColor "China Beach" P, M TV series 1988-1991
10.0 1988 MlColor Rudra Veena K. Balachander, W, ++, P, M
10.0 1971 TVTV AdDColor "The Search for the Nile" P, M TV mini-series 1971-
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10.0 1970 TVTVTV DColor "Roads to Freedom" P TV series 1970-
10.0 1946 DWColor (Cinecolor) Gallant Bess Andrew Marton, W, W, ++, P, M
9.9 2002 TVTVTV CrDMTColor "Boomtown" P, M TV series 2002-2003
9.8 2005 TV DColor USA the Movie Tony Zierra, P, M TV
9.8 2003 SDColor Right in Front of Your Eyes Derek Braasch, W, P, M
9.8 1992 TVTVTV CFColor "Beakman's World" M TV series 1992-
9.8 1985 TVTVTV CBlack and White, Color "Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection" M TV series 1985-
9.8 1983 CColor Party Party Terry Winsor, W, W, P
9.8 1981 TVTVTV Color "Verano azul" P, M TV series 1981-1982
9.8 1979 TVTVTV AnAAdSfColor "Star Blazers" Leiji Matsumoto TV series 1979-
9.8 1970 TV AnSFColor The Night the Animals Talked Shamus Culhane, W, W, ++, P, M TV
9.8 1970 TV DColor (Technicolor) The Other Man Richard A. Colla, W, W, ++, P, M TV
9.7 2013 TV RColor Ghostland Tennessee W, P TV
9.7 2013 SAdDFColor The Dead Kid Gregory D. Goyins, W, W, P, M
9.7 2010 ACrDColor The Waiter Jason Konopisos, W, P
9.7 2007 DoMcColor From the 50 Yard Line Doug Lantz, P, M
9.7 2003 TVTVTV BDHColor "The Great Jang-Geum" Byoung-hoon Lee, W, M «"Dae Jang-geum"» TV series 2003-2004
9.7 2001 TVTVTV CColor "Phoenix Nights" P, M TV series 2001-2002
9.7 1999 TV DoFColor Cirque du Soleil: Quidam David Mallet, P, M TV
9.7 1997 TV FanColor The Christmas List Charles Jarrott, W, P, M TV
9.7 1993 TVTVTV AnDSfAdColor "Exosquad" M TV series 1993-1995
9.7 1992 TVTVTV CDRColor "Martin" P, M TV series 1992-1997
9.7 1990 TVTVTV CColor "One Foot in the Grave" P, M TV series 1990-2000
9.7 1986 TVTV Color "A Year in the Life" W, W, P, M TV mini-series 1986-
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9.7 1982 TVTVTV DMcMlRColor (Metrocolor) "Fame" P, M TV series 1982-1987
9.7 1979 TVTVTV CrDColor "Prisoner" P, M TV series 1979-1986
9.7 1977 TVTVTV CFanColor "All That Glitters" James Frawley, Herbert Kenwith, M TV series 1977-
9.7 1976 TVTVTV AnDFRColor "Candy Candy" In-hyeon Choi, Hiroshi Shidara, W, W, ++, P, M «"Kyandi Kyandi"» TV series 1976-1979
9.7 1971 AnSColor The Selfish Giant Peter Sander, W, W, M
9.7 1963 TVTVTV DBlack and White "The Great Adventure" P, M TV series 1963-1964
9.7 1951 CMcRColor Frühling auf dem Eis Georg Jacoby, W, P, M
9.6 2013 DoSBColor Cavedigger Jeffrey Karoff, P, M
9.6 2010 CDColor This Wretched Life Frankie J. Mosca, W, W, ++, P
9.6 2006 CFanColor Coming Soon Sir Tijn Po, W, P
9.6 2002 TVTVTV AnDFanColor "Haibane renmei" M TV series 2002-
9.6 2000 TVTVTV AdAnAFanDRSfColor "The Vision of Escaflowne" Kazuki Akane, M «"Escaflowne"» TV series 2000-
9.6 1996 TVTVTV AnAAdFanRSfColor "Escaflowne" Shôji Kawamori, W, W, ++, P, M «"Tenkû no Esukafurône"» TV series 1996-
9.6 1991 TVTVTV CColor "Sleepers" P, M TV series 1991-
9.6 1990 TV AdFFanMlMColor Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme Jeff Stein, W, W, ++, P, M TV
9.6 1989 TV Color Wee Sing in Sillyville David Poulshock, Claudia Sloan, W, W, ++, P, M TV
9.6 1985 AnSCColor The Big Snit Richard Condie, W, M
9.6 1984 AnAAdRSfColor Macross: Do You Remember Love? Noboru Ishiguro, Shôji Kawamori, W, W, P, M «Chôjikû yôsai Macross: Ai oboeteimasuka»
9.6 1976 TVTV DColor "Captains and the Kings" P, M TV mini-series 1976-
9.6 1966 CDMlColor "ABC Stage 67" A Christmas Memory Frank Perry, W, ++, P, M
9.6 1964 TVTVTV AdCCrDBlack and White "The Rogues" P, M TV series 1964-1965
9.6 1960 TVTVTV AnFColor "Davey and Goliath" P, M TV series 1960-1977
9.6 1958 TVTV DSfHoTBlack and White "Quatermass and the Pit" M TV mini-series 1958-
9.6 1952 TVTVTV DColor (1967-2009), Black and White (1952-1967) "Guiding Light" M «"The Guiding Light"» TV series 1952-2009
9.5 2010 DoSDNeSpColor (HD), Color (HDCAM) The Referee Mattias Löw, W, W, ++, P «Rättskiparen»
9.5 2009 DColor Passengers Michael Bond, W, P, M
9.5 2005 DoColor Trudell Heather Rae, W, P, M
9.5 2004 DoHWColor Uncovered: The War on Iraq Robert Greenwald, P, M
9.5 2002 TVTVTV CColor "Half & Half" P, M TV series 2002-2006
9.5 1998 TV DRColor Falling for a Dancer Richard Standeven, W, P, M TV
9.5 1993 TVTVTV DColor "Key West" P, M TV series 1993-
9.5 1989 TVTV Color "Mother Love" Simon Langton, W, W, P, M TV mini-series 1989-
9.5 1989 DColor Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?: A Zen Fable Yong-Kyun Bae, W, P, M «Dharmaga tongjoguro kan kkadalgun»
9.5 1988 TVTVTV CGColor "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Geraldine Dowd, Chris Bould, ++, M TV series 1988-1998
9.5 1987 TVTVTV CrDHoMTColor "Unsolved Mysteries" Gerald Massimei, Michael Scott, ++, W, W, ++, P, M TV series 1987-
9.5 1979 TVTVTV DColor "Knots Landing" P, M TV series 1979-1993
9.5 1975 TVTVTV ACrDColor "Starsky and Hutch" P, M TV series 1975-1979
9.5 1973 TVTV AdDHWBlack and White "Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny" P, M TV mini-series 1973-
9.5 1972 TVTVTV CFColor "El chavo del ocho" P TV series 1972-1992
9.5 1972 TVTVTV FFanHoMColor "Escape Into Night" TV series 1972-
9.5 1967 TVTV DBlack and White "The Forsyte Saga" W, M TV mini-series 1967-
9.5 1966 SColor Skaterdater Noel Black, W, P, M
9.5 1958 DoRColor (Eastmancolor) Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich Bill Colleran, Louis De Rochemont III, W, W, ++, P, M
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9.5 1955 TVTVTV CFBlack and White (original version), Black and White "The Honeymooners" P, M TV series 1955-1956
9.5 1950 CRSpColor (Technicolor) The Happy Years William A. Wellman, W, W, P, M
9.4 2012 DoColor (HD) 2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning Amel Tresnjic, W, P, M
9.4 2010 CColor Pickin' & Grinnin' Jon Gries, W, W, P, M
9.4 2008 DoBCrColor (HD) Where I Stand: The Hank Greenspun Story Scott Goldstein, W, P, M
9.4 2003 SCDBlack and White, Color Apple Jack Mark Whiting, W, P, M
9.4 2000 TV DoABColor Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey John Little, Bruce Lee, W, W, ++, M TV
9.4 1999 TV CColor Landspeed: CKY Bam Margera, W, W, P, M TV
9.4 1998 TVTVTV CRColor "Cupid" P, M TV series 1998-1999
9.4 1997 DBlack and White, Color The Duo Mani Ratnam, W, ++, P, M «Iruvar»
9.4 1996 TVTVTV AnCCrDMTColor "Case Closed" P, M «"Meitantei Conan"» TV series 1996-
9.4 1996 TVTVTV DFanSfColor "Early Edition" P, M TV series 1996-2000
9.4 1995 TV DRColor Daisies in December Mark Haber, W, W, P, M TV
9.4 1992 TV CColor No Cure for Cancer Ted Demme, W, P, M TV
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9.4 1988 TVTVTV CColor "You Rang, M'Lord?" M TV series 1988-1993
9.4 1987 CRColor The Love Chariot Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, W, M «Pushpak»
9.4 1982 TVTV DColor "The Barchester Chronicles" M TV mini-series 1982-
9.4 1981 TV CColor Barefoot in the Park Harvey Medlinsky, W TV
9.4 1980 TVTV DColor "Love in a Cold Climate" TV mini-series 1980-
9.4 1979 CBlack and White J-Men Forever Richard Patterson, W, W, P, M
9.4 1976 TV CRColor The Taming of the Shrew Kirk Browning, W, P, M TV
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9.4 1969 AdCCrTColor The Diamond Arm Leonid Gayday, W, W, ++, P, M «Brilliantovaya ruka»
9.4 1968 TVTVTV FFanMcBlack and White (1968), Color "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" David F. Chen, J. Philip Miller, ++, W, W, ++, P, M «"MisteRogers' Neighborhood"» TV series 1968-2001
9.4 1967 TVTVTV WeColor "The High Chaparral" P, M TV series 1967-1971
9.4 1964 TVTVTV DBlack and White (1964-1966), Color (1966-1999) "Another World" M TV series 1964-1999
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9.4 1961 DHWBlack and White The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer Cr Cr-Photo Cr-On5 Cr-Feat Cr-Ess Cr-Photo Cr-Press Masaki Kobayashi, W, W, ++, P, M «Ningen no jôken»
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9.4 1955 TVTVTV CrDMTBlack and White "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" P TV series 1955-1962
9.4 1949 FAnSCColor (Technicolor) High Diving Hare Friz Freleng, W, M
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9.3 2011 TVTVTV BDHRWColor (HD), Color "Magnificent Century" W, P, M «"Muhtesem Yüzyil"» TV series 2011-
9.3 2011 SD Bright Benjamin Busch, W, P, M
9.3 2009 TV AnAdCFColor Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show Danny Antonucci, W, W, ++, M TV
9.3 2005 CColor Shades of Gray Jesse Cowell, W, P
9.3 2003 TVTVTV SfACHoColor "Tremors" P, M TV series 2003-
9.3 2003 DoAFanColor Red Trousers: The Life of the Hong Kong Stuntmen Robin Shou, W, W, P, M
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9.3 2001 TVTV DoColor "The Blue Planet" Alastair Fothergill, P, M TV mini-series 2001-
9.3 2001 DoColor Children Underground Edet Belzberg, P, M
9.3 2001 TV McColor The Smashing Pumpkins: 1991-2000 Greatest Hits Video Collection Samuel Bayer, Angela Conway, ++, P TV
9.3 1999 CBlack and White, Color The Woman Chaser Robinson Devor, W, W, P, M
9.3 1998 TVTVTV CColor "The Royle Family" P TV series 1998-
9.3 1997 TV CColor Eddie Izzard: Glorious Peter Richardson, W, P, M TV
9.3 1995 TVTVTV ADMTColor "Nowhere Man" P, M TV series 1995-1996
9.3 1992 TVTVTV CColor "The Larry Sanders Show" P, M TV series 1992-1998
9.3 1992 CDColor (Fujicolor) The Oak Lucian Pintilie, W, W, P «Balanta»
9.3 1991 TVTV CrDMTColor "Prime Suspect" Christopher Menaul, W, P, M TV mini-series 1991-
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9.3 1990 TVTVTV CFanColor "Get a Life" P, M TV series 1990-1992
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9.3 1990 AdBCDRColor (Eastmancolor) My Mother's Castle Yves Robert, W, W, ++, P, M «Le château de ma mère»
9.3 1989 TVTVTV CAnFanHoColor "Beetlejuice" TV series 1989-1991
9.3 1988 TVTVTV AnCFHoColor "Count Duckula" M TV series 1988-1993
9.3 1987 AdSfSColor Star Tours Dennis Muren, M
9.3 1985 TV DColor An Early Frost John Erman, W, W, ++, P, M TV
9.3 1983 TVTVTV AdColor "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" P, M TV series 1983-1987
9.3 1976 TVTVTV CColor "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" M TV series 1976-1979
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9.3 1975 TVTVTV CColor "The Jeffersons" P TV series 1975-1985
9.3 1973 TV DFanColor Steambath Burt Brinckerhoff, W, M TV
9.3 1969 AAdDColor (Eastmancolor) Goyôkin Hideo Gosha, W, W, P, M
9.3 1965 TVTVTV AAdCCrColor "I Spy" P, M TV series 1965-1968
9.3 1965 TVTVTV AnAFSfColor (Videcolor) "Thunderbirds" P, M TV series 1965-1966
9.3 1962 TVTVTV CBlack and White, Color "The Lucy Show" P, M TV series 1962-1968
9.3 1961 AdCWColor (Technicolor) The Best of Enemies Guy Hamilton, W, W, ++, P, M
9.3 1950 TVTVTV CFGBlack and White (1950-1966), Color (1966-1967) "What's My Line?" Paul Alter, Frank Satenstein TV series 1950-1967
9.2 2012 TVTVTV Color "Hollywood Heights" Noel Maxam, P, M TV series 2012-
9.2 2012 DoHColor Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds Daniel Schmidt, W, P
9.2 2006 DoColor Boys of Summer Robert David Cochrane, W, P, M
9.2 2005 SCColor Le petomane: Parti avec le vent Steve Ochs, W, P, M
9.2 2005 TV CDColor My Family and Other Animals Sheree Folkson, W, W, P, M TV
9.2 2003 AnSCFanColor Rocks Chris Stenner, Arvid Uibel, ++, W, W, ++, P, M «Das Rad»
9.2 2002 DoColor Texas Circumstance, Russell Crowe, ++, P
9.2 2002 SColor The Moment After Gerald McCullouch, W, P, M
9.2 2001 TV DoBColor A Huey P. Newton Story Spike Lee, W, P, M TV
9.2 1999 TA? The Killing Zone Ian David Diaz, W, P, M
9.2 1995 TV DoBlack and White, Color A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies Martin Scorsese, Michael Henry Wilson, W, W, P, M TV
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9.2 1992 TVTVTV DColor "Picket Fences" P, M TV series 1992-1996
9.2 1990 TVTVTV DHColor "Chanakya" Chandra Prakash Dwivedi TV series 1990-
9.2 1990 TVTVTV AnAdFFanColor "Peter Pan and the Pirates" W, M TV series 1990-
9.2 1986 TVTVTV CDColor "A Very Peculiar Practice" M TV series 1986-1988
9.2 1984 TVTVTV FFanColor "The Box of Delights" P, M TV series 1984-
9.2 1979 TV DColor Hot Rod George Armitage, W, P, M TV
9.2 1979 AdDFColor Spirit of the Wind Ralph Liddle, W, W, P, M
9.2 1971 ADWColor Michael the Brave Sergiu Nicolaescu, W, P, M «Mihai Viteazul»
9.2 1966 TVTVTV AdDColor "T.H.E. Cat" P, M TV series 1966-1967
9.2 1966 AdCColor (Technicolor) For Love and Gold Mario Monicelli, W, W, ++, P, M «L'armata Brancaleone»
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9.2 1961 DBlack and White Il posto Cr Cr-Ess Ermanno Olmi, W, W, P, M
9.2 1958 TVTVTV FFanBlack and White, Color "The Friendly Giant" John Ryan TV series 1958-1985
9.2 1938 AnSCFFanBlack and White Porky in Wackyland Robert Clampett, ++, M
9.2 1926 DHoBlack and White; Silent Kurutta ippêji Teinosuke Kinugasa, W, ++, P
9.1 2013 TV DoColor The Life After Death Project Paul Davids, W, P, M TV
9.1 2012 AdCCrRTColor Kismet Love Paisa Dilli Sanjay M. Khanduri, W, W, ++, P, M
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9.1 2011 TVTVTV AnAdCColor "Hunter x Hunter" TV series 2011-
9.1 2011 SDColor The Lucky One Bala Balakrishnan, W, ++, P, M
9.1 2008 RColor Channels Nat Christian, W, P, M
9.1 2006 TVTVTV CrDColor "In Justice" P, M TV series 2006-
9.1 2004 TVTVTV DoAdColor "Survivorman" P, M TV series 2004-
9.1 2002 TVTVTV AdCFFanSfColor "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High" Anthony Browne, Stacey Stewart Curtis, ++, W, W, ++, P TV series 2002-2006
9.1 2001 TVTVTV DColor "Armadillo" P, M TV series 2001-
9.1 2001 DFCColor The Immigrant Garden C. Tad Devlin, W, P, M
9.1 2000 TV DFColor Mermaid Peter Masterson, W, P, M TV
9.1 1999 TV DMlColor Blue Valley Songbird Richard A. Colla, W, W, ++, P, M TV
9.1 1999 CDBlack and White, Color Cosy Dens Jan Hrebejk, W, W, P, M «Pelísky»
9.1 1997 TVTV DRColor "The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling" P, M TV mini-series 1997-
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9.1 1994 TVTVTV AnAAdCSfTColor "ReBoot" M TV series 1994-2002
9.1 1994 TVTVTV AnCSfTsColor "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" P, M TV series 1994-2004
9.1 1993 TVTVTV ASfWeAdCColor "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr." P, M TV series 1993-1994
9.1 1991 CrDRColor A Brighter Summer Day Edward Yang, W, W, ++, P «Gu ling jie shao nian sha ren shi jian»
9.1 1991 AnSHoColor The Sandman Paul Berry, P, M
9.1 1987 TV SMlAnColor A Claymation Christmas Celebration Will Vinton, W, M TV
9.1 1986 TVTVTV CCrDMColor "Lovejoy" P, M TV series 1986-1994
9.1 1985 TV DoMcColor Live Aid Vincent Scarza, W TV
9.1 1984 TV AAdSfTColor (Technicolor) Airwolf Donald P. Bellisario, W, P, M TV
9.1 1982 CColor Le père Noël est une ordure Jean-Marie Poiré, W, W, ++, P, M
9.1 1978 TVTV DMlColor "Pennies from Heaven" P TV mini-series 1978-
9.1 1978 TV DFColor Stubby Pringle's Christmas Burt Brinckerhoff, W, W TV
9.1 1975 TVTVTV DRColor "Poldark" M TV series 1975-
9.1 1975 TV CRColor Ironiya sudby, ili S legkim parom! Eldar Ryazanov, W, W, P, M TV
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9.1 1973 TVTVTV FColor "Villa Alegre" Alejandro Rey, Charles Ed Rickey, ++, W, W, ++, M TV series 1973-1977
9.1 1973 DoCMcColor (Eastmancolor) Wattstax Mel Stuart, P
9.1 1969 TVTVTV AdDColor (Metrocolor) "Then Came Bronson" P, M TV series 1969-1970
9.1 1961 TVTVTV CBlack and White "Car 54, Where Are You?" P, M TV series 1961-1963
9.1 1955 TVTVTV FBlack and White (1955-1967), Color (1967-1993) "Captain Kangaroo" M TV series 1955-1992
9.1 1949 FHoAnSColor (Technicolor) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Clyde Geronimi, Jack Kinney, W, W, ++, M
9.0 2013 TVTVTV ACFanColor "Deadpool" P TV series 2013-
9.0 2012 DoSColor Awakening Herb Kossover, W, P
9.0 2011 CColor Adventures of Serial Buddies Keven Undergaro, W, P, M
9.0 2011 CHoSfColor (HD) Overtime Brian Cunningham, Matt Niehoff, W, W, P, M
9.0 2010 DoMcColor Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone Lev Anderson, Chris Metzler, W, W, P, M
9.0 2009 TV CColor Ronna & Beverly Paul Feig, W, W, ++, P TV
9.0 2007 DoMcWColor War Dance Sean Fine, Andrea Nix, W, W, P, M
9.0 2006 DoColor Glimpses of Heaven Michael Oved Dayan, W, P, M
9.0 2006 TV CrDTColor No Night Is Too Long Tom Shankland, W, W, P, M TV
9.0 2005 DoColor 500 Years Later Owen Alik Shahadah, W, ++, P, M
9.0 2005 DoColor Mardi Gras: Made in China David Redmon, M
9.0 2005 DoBMcColor The Last Dispatch Helmut Schleppi
9.0 2004 SColor Lonely Place Kevin Ackerman, W, W, P, M
9.0 2003 TVTVTV CAnColor "Monkey Dust" Luke Carpenter, Suzanne Deakin, ++, W, W, ++, M TV series 2003-
9.0 2002 TVTVTV AnCSfColor "Clone High" M TV series 2002-2003
9.0 2002 DoColor Space Station 3D Toni Myers, W, P, M
9.0 2000 TVTVTV AnCSfColor "Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law" M TV series 2000-2007
9.0 2000 TVTV CrDColor "The Corner" P, M TV mini-series 2000-
9.0 2000 TV DoMcColor Metallica: S&M Wayne Isham, P, M TV
9.0 1998 CCrTColor I Woke Up Early the Day I Died Aris Iliopulos, W, P, M
9.0 1997 DColor Baunsu ko gaurusu Masato Harada, W, P, M
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9.0 1993 DColor (Technicolor) The Saint of Fort Washington Tim Hunter, W, P, M
9.0 1991 AnCSfDFanColor Robot Carnival Atsuko Fukushima, Hiroyuki Kitakubo, ++, M «Robotto kânibaru»
9.0 1990 TV AnAAdFanRColor The Record of the Lodoss War Akio Sakai, Shigeto Makino, ++, W, W, ++, P, M «Rôdosu-tô senki» TV
9.0 1989 TV DColor A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story Robert Markowitz, W, P, M TV
9.0 1987 TV ASpColor WrestleMania III TV
9.0 1981 TV DRColor Summer Solstice Ralph Rosenblum, W, P, M TV
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9.0 1976 TVTVTV DColor "The Duchess of Duke Street" P, M TV series 1976-
9.0 1975 DoAnSMlColor Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel) Bob Godfrey, W, W, ++, P, M
9.0 1974 TV DColor The Morning After Richard T. Heffron, W, W, P, M TV
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9.0 1973 TVTVTV CGColor "Match Game 73" TV series 1973-1982
9.0 1973 DMlFColor Abhimaan Hrishikesh Mukherjee, W, W, ++, P, M
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9.0 1972 DoMcColor (Technicolor) The Concert for Bangladesh Saul Swimmer, P
9.0 1964 DBlack and White This Special Friendship Jean Delannoy, W, W, ++, P, M «Les amitiés particulières»
9.0 1959 TVTVTV CBlack and White "Hennesey" P, M TV series 1959-1962
9.0 1940 CSBlack and White A Plumbing We Will Go Del Lord, W, P
9.0 1940 CrDRBlack and White The Way of All Flesh Louis King, W, W, ++, P, M
8.9 2007 CSfColor Return of the Ghostbusters Hank Braxtan, W, W, P, M
8.9 2007 AdSfColor Spiritual Warriors David Raynr, W, W, P, M
8.9 2006 TVTVTV CFColor "Alice, I Think" W, P, M TV series 2006-
8.9 2003 TV CDoColor Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now Joel Gallen, W, W, ++ TV
8.9 2000 TV DColor Yesterday's Children Marcus Cole, W, W, ++, P, M TV
8.9 1999 TVTVTV CDColor "Action" P, M TV series 1999-2000
8.9 1999 TVTVTV DFRColor "Once and Again" P, M TV series 1999-2002
8.9 1999 AnSCFFanColor (Technicolor) Bunny Chris Wedge, W, M
8.9 1998 TVTVTV AnCDSfColor "Outlaw Star" Mitsuru Hongo, W TV series 1998-
8.9 1998 DColor Walking to the Waterline Matt Mulhern, W, P, M
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8.9 1995 TVTVTV AdFFanColor "Wishbone" P, M TV series 1995-1999
8.9 1994 TVTVTV CFColor "Sister, Sister" P, M TV series 1994-1999
8.9 1994 TV DColor Out of Darkness Larry Elikann, W, P, M TV
8.9 1992 TV DColor Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris Anthony Pullen Shaw, W, W, P, M TV
8.9 1992 TV CrDTColor (Technicolor) The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 Francis Ford Coppola, W, W, P, M TV
8.9 1990 DColor "The Decalogue" Dekalog, piec Krzysztof Kieslowski, W, W, P, M «"Dekalog" Dekalog, piec»
8.9 1988 DoColor Cane Toads: An Unnatural History Mark Lewis, W, P, M
8.9 1985 TVTVTV AnAAdFSfColor "MASK" W, W, ++, M TV series 1985-
8.9 1981 AnFanColor Sea Prince and the Fire Child Masami Hata, W, W, P, M «Shiriusu no densetsu»
8.9 1980 TV DMcColor Playing for Time Daniel Mann, ++, W, W, P, M TV
8.9 1979 TVTV DColor "The Scarlet Letter" Rick Hauser, W, W, ++, P, M TV mini-series 1979-
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8.9 1978 CDMcColor Rockers Ted Bafaloukos, W, P
8.9 1973 AdColor (Technicolor) Brother of the Wind Dick Robinson, W, W, P, M
8.9 1971 TV DHWColor (Technicolor) The Birdmen Philip Leacock, W, P, M TV
8.9 1970 TV DWColor The Challenge George McCowan, Alan Smithee, W, P, M TV
8.9 1962 FanHoMSfTBlack and White "Twilight Zone" The Changing of the Guard Robert Ellis Miller, W, P «"The Twilight Zone" The Changing of the Guard»
8.9 1962 DColor (Eastmancolor) Kanchenjungha Satyajit Ray, W, P, M
8.9 1942 CSAnFColor (Technicolor) The Dover Boys at Pimento University or The Rivals of Roquefort Hall Chuck Jones, W, M
8.8 2013 DoMcColor (High Definition) Pink: Staying True Sonia Anderson, W
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8.8 2012 DColor Least Among Saints Martin Papazian, W, P, M
8.8 2012 CDColor Material Craig Freimond, W, W, ++, P, M
8.8 2011 DColor Emulsion Suki Singh, W, P, M
8.8 2006 TVTVTV CColor "The Chaser's War on Everything" M TV series 2006-
8.8 2006 CDColor Forgiving the Franklins Jay Floyd, W, M
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8.8 2003 TVTV DColor "Idiot" Vladimir Bortko, W, W, P, M TV mini-series 2003-
8.8 2003 TVTVTV AnSfColor "Planetes" W, M TV series 2003-2004
8.8 2003 TV CrDTColor Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness Tom Hooper, W, P, M TV
8.8 2001 TVTVTV AAdCrSfT "Power Rangers Time Force" P, M TV series 2001-2002
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8.8 2000 SBlack and White The Heart of the World Guy Maddin, W, P
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8.8 1999 TVTVTV FCColor "Even Stevens" P, M TV series 1999-2003
8.8 1999 TV CColor Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm Robert B. Weide, W, P, M TV
8.8 1999 DColor Postmen in the Mountains Jianqi Huo, W, P, M «Nashan naren nagou»
8.8 1998 CColor Fishing with Gandhi Gabe Weisert, W, W, ++, P, M
8.8 1997 TVTVTV AnCDFanColor "Girl Revolution Utena" Kunihiko Ikuhara, W, W, M «"Shôjo kakumei Utena"» TV series 1997-
8.8 1997 TV DTColor Daughters Bill L. Norton, W, P, M TV
8.8 1996 CMcColor Bandwagon John Schultz, W, P, M
8.8 1995 TV DWBlack and White, Color Hiroshima Koreyoshi Kurahara, Roger Spottiswoode, W, W, P TV
8.8 1992 TVTVTV CColor "Absolutely Fabulous" P, M TV series 1992-2012
8.8 1992 TVTVTV FMColor "Ghostwriter" Susan Dansby, W, W, ++, M TV series 1992-1995
8.8 1990 TVTVTV AnAdCFMColor "TaleSpin" M TV series 1990-1991
8.8 1990 TV BDFFanBlack and White, Color The Dreamer of Oz Jack Bender, W, W, ++, P, M TV
8.8 1989 DColor (Technicolor) Sing Richard J. Baskin, W, P, M
8.8 1988 CDColor Hawks Robert Ellis Miller, W, W, ++, P, M
8.8 1987 TV FDColor A Child's Christmas in Wales Don McBrearty, W, W, ++, P, M TV
8.8 1984 TVTV ADHRColor "The Last Days of Pompeii" P, M TV mini-series 1984-
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8.8 1981 CSfColor (Eastmancolor) La soupe aux choux Jean Girault, W, W, ++, P, M
8.8 1977 CColor Mimino Georgiy Daneliya, W, W, ++, P, M
8.8 1975 TV BDHRSfColor (Technicolor) The UFO Incident Richard A. Colla, W, W, ++, P, M TV
8.8 1970 AAdCDRWColor (Sovcolor) The White Sun of the Desert Vladimir Motyl, W, W, ++, P, M «Beloe solntse pustyni»
8.8 1968 CColor (Eastmancolor) Very Happy Alexander Yves Robert, W, ++, P, M «Alexandre le bienheureux»
8.8 1964 TVTVTV AAdCBlack and White (season 1), Color (seasons 2-4) (Metrocolor) "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." P, M TV series 1964-1968
8.8 1964 DBlack and White Hamlet Bill Colleran, John Gielgud, W, P
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8.8 1962 TVTVTV ACCrDBlack and White (season 1-4), Color (season 5 and 6) "The Saint" ++, P, M TV series 1962-1969
8.8 1937 AnSCFMlColor (Technicolor) The Old Mill ++, M
8.7 2011 ADRColor (HD) To Be King Steve Rahaman, W, W, P, M
8.7 2008 DoColor The Real Shaolin Alexander Sebastien Lee, W, P, M
8.7 2006 TVTVTV AnCSfColor "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" W, W, ++, P, M «"Suzumiya Haruhi no yûutsu"» TV series 2006-
8.7 2006 DoHColor Rape of the Soul Michael A. Calace
8.7 2003 TV DFColor The Maldonado Miracle Salma Hayek, W, W, P, M TV
8.7 2002 TV BFSpColor Double Teamed Duwayne Dunham, W, W, ++, P, M TV
8.7 2002 TV CFFanHoColor The Scream Team Stuart Gillard, W, W, ++, P, M TV
8.7 2001 TVTVTV FColor "The Saddle Club" P, M TV series 2001-2002
8.7 2000 DoColor Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street Steven Okazaki, P, M
8.7 1995 TVTVTV AdAnRDFanColor "Fushigi Yûgi" Hajime Kamegaki, W, M TV series 1995-1996
8.7 1995 TVTVTV CColor "Game-On" TV series 1995-1998
8.7 1995 AnCSColor The Spirit of Christmas ++
8.7 1992 TV DColor The Boys of St. Vincent John N. Smith, W, W, ++, P, M TV
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8.7 1992 CRDColor (Eastmancolor) The Dark Side of the Heart Eliseo Subiela, W, W, ++, P, M «El lado oscuro del corazón»
8.7 1990 CACrRColor Ghayal Rajkumar Santoshi, W, W, ++, P, M
8.7 1988 TVTVTV AnFCColor "Garfield and Friends" M TV series 1988-1995
8.7 1986 TV DoMcColor Queen Live at Wembley '86 Gavin Taylor TV
8.7 1986 CDColor (Technicolor) Saving Grace Robert M. Young, W, W, ++, P, M
8.7 1981 HoColor (Fujicolor) The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne Walerian Borowczyk, W, W, P, M «Docteur Jekyll et les femmes»
8.7 1980 CDColor (Metrocolor) Why Would I Lie? Larry Peerce, W, W, P, M
8.7 1979 TVTVTV AdCCrDColor "Minder" P, M TV series 1979-1994
8.7 1978 TVTVTV CDColor "All Creatures Great and Small" P, M TV series 1978-1990
8.7 1978 CColor (Eastmancolor) The Adventures of Picasso Tage Danielsson, W, W, P, M «Picassos äventyr»
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8.7 1975 TVTVTV CColor "Good Neighbors" M «"The Good Life"» TV series 1975-1978
8.7 1972 TVTVTV AdDWeColor "Kung Fu" P, M TV series 1972-1975
8.7 1968 DoBBlack and White "Omnibus" Song of Summer: Frederick Delius Ken Russell, W, W, ++, P
8.7 1959 DTBlack and White The Last Mile Howard W. Koch, W, W, ++, P, M
8.7 1952 TVTVTV CFBlack and White "The Abbott and Costello Show" P, M TV series 1952-1953
8.7 1944 SMcBlack and White Jammin' the Blues Gjon Mili, P
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8.7 1939 CrAAdBlack and White Daredevils of the Red Circle John English, William Witney, W, W, ++, P, M
8.7 1928 AdDBlack and White; Silent Beggars of Life William A. Wellman, W, W, ++, P, M