izKeys “4 scripts + Math + Etc” layouts

Keyboard layouts with mad professor repertoirs designed with scatterbrains in mind

The [ee-zee-keys] layouts allow access to many thousands of Unicode characters. They have three goals:


Personality:LatinCyrillicGreek (Polytonic)Hebrew
Install (Windows): iz-la-4s.zip T H S iz-ru-4s.zip T H S iz-gr-p4.zip T H S iz-hb-4s.zip T H

Installation instructions (Windows)       T = Table of layout; H = Heuristics for the base script; S = Heuristics for script’s satellite layouts.

Four “personalities” differ only in which script is available on alphabet keys. Using keys-modifiers and/or prefix keys, all personalities allow access to the same repertoir of characters. So: Install only personalities in which you need to type largish fragments; for shorter fragments, one can either switch to a different personality, or use (clumsier) approach with modifier/prefix keys.

Access the script’s satellite layouts using the “specific” prefix keys of the base layout. (The “shared” prefix keys are for cross-personality access, and math/technical/business/linguistic symbols.)