Anna Seigal

I am a fifth year math(s) grad student at UC Berkeley. My advisor is Bernd Sturmfels.

My research interests lie in tensors and multilinear algebra, applied algebraic geometry and algebraic statistics, and their connections to machine learning, numerical analysis, optimization, and computational biology. For more information on my research, see my research statement.

Here is my CV.

From 2014-2015 I was sponsored by a Fulbright Postgraduate Student Award from the US-UK Fulbright Commission. In Spring 2016 I was funded by a Simons Fellowship in Mathematics.


Research Articles


Learning Paths from Signature Tensors (with Max Pfeffer and Bernd Sturmfels), arXiv:1809.01588.

Ranks and Symmetric Ranks of Cubic Surfaces, arXiv:1801.05377.

Tensor clustering with algebraic constraints gives interpretable groups of crosstalk mechanisms in breast cancer (with Mariano Beguerisse-Díaz, Birgit Schoeberl, Mario Niepel and Heather Harrington), arXiv:1612.08116.


Duality of Graphical Models and Tensor Networks (with Elina Robeva), Information and Inference: A Journal of the IMA, iay009,

Mixtures and products in two graphical models (with Guido Montúfar), Journal of Algebraic Statistics, 9 (2018) no. 1, 1-20.

Gram Determinants of Real Binary Tensors, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 544 (2018) 350–369.

Real Rank Two Geometry (with Bernd Sturmfels), Journal of Algebra, 484 (2017), 310–333.

Does Antibiotic Resistance Evolve in Hospitals? (with Portia Mira, Bernd Sturmfels and Miriam Barlow), Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 79 (2017) 191-208. More: R package, News story.

Singular Vectors of Orthogonally Decomposable Tensors (with Elina Robeva), Linear and Multilinear Algebra, 65 (2017) no. 12, 2457-2471.

Eigenconfigurations of Tensors (with Hirotachi Abo and Bernd Sturmfels), Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Discrete Mathematics, Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 685, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 2017, 1-25.

Local dynamics of intersections: V. I. Arnold's theorem revisited (with Sergei Yakovenko) Israel Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 201 Issue 2 (2014) 813-833.

Expository Writing

The Algebraic Statistics of an Oberwolfach Workshop, Snapshots of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach, 2018 (1).

Applied Algebra and Geometry: A SIAGA of Seven Pictures, also featured as a series of three articles in SIAM news: I, II, III.

I write a blog called Picture this Maths, a joint project with Rachael Boyd at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. We present mathematical research centered around pictures. We were featured here in the AMS Blog on math blogs.

Iwasawa Theory of Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication, Part III essay (master's thesis) supervised by John Coates, Cambridge, Spring 2014.

Conferences and Travel




Summer 2018: I organized, with Elina Robeva, a mini-symposium at the SIAM Annual meeting "Theoretical Challenges of Tensor Decomposition".

Summer 2018: I organized, with Andre Uschmajew and Bart Vandereycken, a mini-symposium in the SIAM Conference in Applied Linear Algebra, called "Tensors and Multilinear Algebra".

Summer 2017: I organized, with Elina Robeva, a mini-symposium in the SIAM Conference in Applied Algebraic Geometry, called "Tensors: From Algebra to Applications". The webpage is here.

Spring 2017: I organized the workshop Interactions between Algebra and the Sciences with Jacinta Torres. It took place on May 27th at MPI Leipzig.

Fall 2016: I co-organized a tensors reading group Foundational Tensor Theory with Rocky Foster.

Fall 2015: I organized a Commutative Algebra reading group.

Summer 2013: I did a research project at Imperial College, London under the supervision of Mike Levin. We analysed biological pathways associated with susceptibility to inflammatory diseases.

Summer 2012: I attended the Kupcinet-Getz Program at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. I worked with Sergei Yakovenko on algebraic properties of local dynamics of intersections. We published a paper, see above.

Other Links


Spring 2018: GSI for Math 10B with Prof. Kelli Talaska.

Spring 2017: Head GSI for Math 10B with Prof. Craig Evans. A fun worksheet I made for the last class of the semester.

Spring 2016: I organized a Mathematical Biology reading group for a group of Berkeley undergraduate students.

Fall 2015: GSI for Math 10A with Prof. Richard Bamler.

For more information on my teaching experience, see my teaching statement.