I'm Noah Schweber, a fifth-year graduate student at UC-Berkeley.

My research is in mathematical logic, specifically computability theory - including reverse mathematics and computable structure theory - and set theory. I am especially interested in applications of forcing and inner model theory to computability theory. I am also interested in abstract model theory, and other areas of logic and mathematics.

Here are my research statement, CV, and teaching statement.

My email is schweber@berkeley.edu; my office is Evans 1064.

With Julia Knight, Antonio Montalban, and Tom Scanlon, I helped to organize a conference on Vaught's Conjecture, which ran from the morning of Monday, June 1 to noon on Friday, June 5, 2015, at the University of California - Berkeley.


Invited talks:

Contributed talks:

Expository papers: I'll replace this webpage with a better one when I have the time.