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Papers on Radiobiology, Biomathematics & Cancer, 2006-2008 (Ray Sachs)

  • Brenner, D. J., and Sachs, R. K., 2006, Estimating radiation-induced cancer risks at very low doses: rationale for using a linear no-threshold approach, Radiat Environ Biophys 44:253-6.
  • Fakir, H., Sachs, R. K., Stenerlow, B., and Hofmann, W., 2006, Clusters of DNA double-strand breaks induced by different doses of nitrogen ions for various LETs: experimental measurements and theoretical analyses, Radiat Res 166:917-27.
  • Shuryak, I., Sachs, R. K., Hlatky, L., Little, M. P., Hahnfeldt, P., and Brenner, D. J., 2006, Radiation-induced leukemia at doses relevant to radiation therapy: modeling mechanisms and estimating risks, J Natl Cancer Inst 98:1794-806.
  • Ponomarev, A. L., Belli, M., Hahnfeldt, P. J., Hlatky, L., Sachs, R. K., and Cucinotta, F. A., 2006, A robust procedure for removing background damage in assays of radiation-induced DNA fragment distributions, Radiat Res 166:908-16.
  • Brenner, D., and Sachs, R., 2006, Controverse : les faibles doses de radiations ionisantes sont-elles carcinogéniques ? Point de vue d’experts de l’Université Columbia, New-York, et de l’Université de Californie, Berkeley, BEH 15-16:111-112.
  • Sachs, R. K., Shuryak, I., Brenner, D., Fakir, H., Hlatky, L., and Hahnfeldt, P., 2007, Second cancers after fractionated radiotherapy: Stochastic population dynamics effects, J Theor Biol 249:518-531.
  • Hodgson, D. C., Koh, E. S., Tran, T. H., Heydarian, M., Tsang, R., Pintilie, M., Xu, T., Huang, L., Sachs, R. K., and Brenner, D. J., 2007, Individualized estimates of second cancer risks after contemporary radiation therapy for Hodgkin lymphoma, Cancer 110:576-86.
  • Brenner, D. J., Shuryak, I., Russo, S., and Sachs, R. K., 2007, Second Breast Cancers: Causes and Potential Strategies for Reduction, JCO.
  • Koh, E. S., Tran, T. H., Heydarian, M., Sachs, R. K., Tsang, R. W., Brenner, D. J., Pintilie, M., Xu, T., Chung, J., Paul, N., and Hodgson, D. C., 2007, A comparison of mantle versus involved-field radiotherapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma: reduction in normal tissue dose and second cancer risk, Radiat Oncol 2:13.
  • Duesberg, P., Li, R., Sachs, R., Fabarius, A., Upender, M. B., and Hehlmann, R., 2007, Cancer drug resistance: The central role of the karyotype, Drug Resist Updat.
  • Levy, D., Reeder, C., Loucas, B., Hlatky, L., Chen, A., Cornforth, M., and Sachs, R., 2007, Interpreting chromosome aberration spectra, J Comput Biol 14:144-55.
  • Ponomarev, A. L., Belli, M., Hahnfeldt, P. J., Hlatky, L., Sachs, R. K., and Cucinotta, F. A., 2007, Subtraction of background damage in PFGE experiments on DNA fragment-size distributions, Radiat Environ Biophys.

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