Ray Sachs, UCB. Computational Radiation Biology
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Computational Biologists at UCB math. Links take you away from Sachs' site.
  • Lior Pachter Home Page. Lior is an Assistant Prof. in the Dept. He is interested in the applications of mathematics to genomics, especially comparative genomics.
  • Javier Arsuaga Home Page. Javier is a postdoc in our group. His main interests are chromosome structure and DNA repair. His approach to these problems relies on a combination of experimental and computational work.
  • Mariel Vazquez Home Page. mariel joined our group in August 2000 as a postdoctoral fellow. She is interested in studying the structure of DNA and how it is affected by vital biological processes such as DNA recombination and repair.
  • Allen Chen Home Page. Allen is a grad student. His research is on modeling chromosome aberrations, using Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Computational Radiobiologists. Links to off-campus sites.

  • David Brenner Home Page. David, Professor of Radiation Oncology and Public Health at Columbia, is a long-time collaborator. He works on biophysical modeling, radiation biology, low dose risk estimation, radiotherapy modeling, and radon modeling.
  • Robert Stewart Home Page. Robert is at Purdue. He works on: biological optimization of radiotherapy treatment plan designs; mechanistic modeling of the biological effects of chemical and radiological toxicants, especially for low dose and dose rate exposure conditions; dosimetry and microdosimetry; Monte Carlo and discrete ordinates radiation transport methods; and mathematical modeling.
  • Herwig Paretzke Home Page.
    "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution." -- Theodosius Dobzhanski