Modular forms, modular curves and Galois representations

Spring, 1999

Date Speaker Title
January 20 Ken RibetInformal lecture on component groups attached to abelian varieties
January 27 Ken RibetComponent groups attached to elliptic curves and Jacobians of modular curves
February 3 Robert ColemanThe monodromy pairing, part 1
February 10 Robert Coleman The monodromy pairing, part 2
February 17 William Stein Special values of L-functions associated to modular forms
February 24 Amod AgasheSpecial values of L-functions associated to modular forms
March 3 Amod AgasheSpecial values of L-function attached to modular forms
March 10 William Stein The modular degree, component groups, and the denominator of L(Af,1)/Omega
March 17 No meeting of seminar because of 1999 Arizona Winter School
March 24 Spring Break!
March 31 Ken RibetSerre's theorem and the Manin-Mumford conjecture
April 7 No seminar scheduled
April 14 Matt Baker Counting Points on $X_0(l)$ over $F_{p^2}$
April 21 No seminar scheduled
April 28 William SteinComputing Period Lattices Associated to Newforms
May 5 William SteinPeriod Integrals of Newforms

The seminar meets Wednesdays at 3:10PM in 891 Evans Hall. Lectures last 50 minutes and are followed by a short question period. All are welcome to attend!

Added May 24, 1999: In connection with the seminar talks on component groups, William Stein suggests that one look at his observations about A_f, along with some numerical tables.
Kenneth A. Ribet

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