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An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers by Ivan Niven, Herbert S. Zuckerman and Hugh L. Montgomery. You want the fifth edition. Publisher is John Wiley & Sons, Inc. This is a classic number theory textbook (``Niven & Zuckerman''), updated by Hugh Montgomery. It is renowned for its excellent problems.

In this course, it is traditional to discuss properties of the integers (factoring, congruences, primitive roots, ...), quadratic reciprocity, and continued fractions. I propose to follow the book in order, covering roughly the first seven chapters.

Some other books on number theory


Please bring blue books to the examinations.


Homework will be assigned roughly every week. The grader expects to grade papers very rapidly. He accepts no late homework!
  1. Assignment due January 26, pp. 17-, 1 (a, c), 2, 4a, 6, 11, 12.
  2. Assignment due February 4:
  3. Assignment due February 13:
  4. Assignment due February 20:
  5. Assignment due March 2:
  6. Assignment due March 9:
  7. Assignment due March 16:
  8. Assignment due March 30:
  9. Assignment due April 10:
  10. Assignment due April 20:
  11. Assignment due April 27:
  12. Assignment due May 4:

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