Just in case you missed it 2^3021377 - 1 is prime!  Note
(2^3021377+1)/3 has the factor 2*15765*3021377+1 (Conrad Curry) so
the "New Mersenne Conjecture" still holds.  Chris.

Excerpt (by George Woltman) from
The Mersenne Newsletter, issue #13              February 2, 1998

37th Known Mersenne Prime Discovered!!!

Congratulations to Roland Clarkson.  On January 27th he discovered
that 2^3021377 - 1 is prime!  This prime number is 909,526 digits long.
The computation took 46 days part-time on his 200-MHz Pentium computer.
David Slowinski confirmed the find on January 31st.

Roland is a 19 year-old sophmore at California State University
Dominguez Hills.  He is the third youngest Mersenne prime discoverer -
behind Noll and Nickel.  Incredibly, this was only the 8th exponent
he has tested!

Unlike the previous GIMPS finds, Roland let the PrimeNet server
(see Program News below) choose the lucky exponent.  At first,
he did not want to test the exponent.  Roland said, "I never would
have imagined two Mersenne primes would be so close together!".
In fact, in percentage terms, the gap between the 36th and 37th Mersenne
primes is the smallest ever.

To acknowledge Scott Kurowski's work on the PrimeNet server and
every GIMPS participants diligent work, official credit for this
prime will go to "Clarkson, Woltman, Kurowski, et.al.".

You can read the official press release at
http://www.mersenne.org/3021377.htm and be sure to check out
Chris Caldwell's web pages starting at

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