TEACHMATH at Berkeley

TEACHMATH is a program designed to recruit math majors at Berkeley for a
teaching career in high school or junior high. Its purpose is to help 
alleviate the critical shortage of mathematically knowledgeable teachers
in the schools by encouraging more of our majors to go into the teaching
profession. It is a two-year program that leads math majors to a single-
subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics and offers a financial incentive
at the same time.

TEACHMATH is sponsored jointly by the Mathematics Department and the Graduate
School of Education. Math majors who are accepted into the program will 
enroll in a suggested course of study in their senior year which includes
courses in the Graduate School of Education and participation in supervised
teaching in school classrooms. Afer their successful completion of the AB
degree, they continue with the suggested course of study as graduate students
in the School of Education, but will also be required to take two math corses
courses for the year. They will be paid a stipend of $2000 for the first
(their senior) year, and $4500 for the second. [Note that the normal program
in the Graduate School of Education leading to a single subject teaching 
credential (as well as an MA) requires two years of graduate study.]

There is significant interest on the part of the Oakland School district in
placing TEACHMATH students within the district both during and after their
supervised teaching period. It is expected that most succesful TEACHMATH
graduates will be offered mathematics teaching positions at one of the many
large high schools in the Bay Area.

Students interested in this program should apply no later than February 28,
1998. For more information, please contact Professor H. Wu in 733 Evans
(wu@math.berkeley.edu), or Robert Mattison in 985 Evans (robert@socrates.
berkeley.edu), or Dan Zimmerlin (danz@socrates.berkeley.edu). Information
material is also available from Barbara Peavy in 967 Evans.