At Berkeley, I am currently a lecturer for MATH 10A, Methods of Mathematics: Calculus, Statistics and Combinatorics (Summer 2018). View the course webpage here. I was previously:
  • GSI for MATH 10A, Methods of Mathematics (Fall 2017) (webpage)
  • GSI for MATH 10B, Methods of Mathematics (Spring 2018) (webpage)

At Princeton, I was previously:
  • TA for MAT 216, Accelerated Honors Analysis I (Fall 2014)
  • TA for MAT 218, Accelerated Honors Analysis II (Spring 2015)
  • TA for MAT 215, Honors Analysis (Single Variable) (Spring 2016)
  • TA for MAT 335, Analysis II: Complex Analysis (Fall 2016)
  • TA for MAT 346, Algebra II (Spring 2017)