Microlocal Geometry

David Nadler, Fall 2013

Notes are unedited. Any errors introduced are mine.

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Whitney stratifications
Lecture 3: Thom's first isotopy theorem
Lecture 4: Tame topology
Lecture 5: Homology and cohomology of reasonable spaces
Lecture 6: More about homology and cohomology
Lecture 7: Intersection cohomology
Lecture 8: More about intersection cohomology
Lecture 9: Computing intersection cohomology
Lecture 10: Local systems
Lecture 11: Constructible sheaves
Lecture 12: More about constructible sheaves
Lecture 13: Microlocal support
Lecture 14: More about microlocal support
Lecture 15: Microlocal Morse theory
Lecture 16: Characteristic cycles
Lecture 17: Computations with characteristic cycles
Lecture 18: Sheaves on the affine line
Lecture 19: Sheaves on the projective line, the Fourier transform
Lecture 20: Nearby and vanishing cycles
Lecture 21: More about nearby and vanishing cycles
Lecture 22: Deformation to the normal cone
Lecture 23: More about deformation to the normal cone
Lecture 24: Microlocal homology
Lecture 25: Hamiltonian reduction
Lecture 26: More about Hamiltonian reduction