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Office: 1049 Evans

Office Hours: By appointment

E-mail: tabrizianpeyam@hotmail (I left out the .com for anti-spam purposes)

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Teaching Statement: Teaching Statement

Current teaching

This semester (Spring 2016), I am teaching Math 375 (Teaching-Workshop), which meets on Tuesdays from 5 pm to 6:30 pm in 102 Latimer.

Papers and Preprints

Asymptotics for the Kramers-Smoluchowski Equation   (joint with Prof. Lawrence C. Evans, 2015, to appear)

Teaching archive

You can check out the following websites (from my previous teaching) for (useful) handouts, practice exams, homework solutions, study guides, and much more!

Math 1A: Fall 2010   Spring 2011   Summer 2011   Fall 2013  

Math 54: Fall 2011   Summer 2012   Fall 2014   Spring 2015

Math 110: Spring 2013

Math 375: Fall 2015   Spring 2016

Expository Papers

Here are links to (expository) papers that I have written:

Homoclinic Orbits and Chaotic Behavior in Classical Mechanics

Regularity of Weakly Harmonic Maps of Surfaces

Shifts as Dynamical Systems

(a taste of) Global Regularity of Schroedinger Maps


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