Lecture Topics

Lectures on Log Geometry

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8/22     Introduction Introduction
8/29 *Limits of Monoids Ideals and geometry Finiteness*, Monoids and monoid actions
9/5 Holiday Exactness Duality Exactness, Duality
9/12 Cones* Duality for cones Valuative monoids Cones. Valuations
9/19 Monoid schemes* Toric log structures Local and logarithmic homomorphisms Toric Varieties.
9/26 Exact, Kummer etc. Flat actions Regular actions Homomorphisms and actions
10/3 Integrality Integrality and local exactness Topology of cones Integral homomorphisms
10/10 Sheaves of monoids Monoschemes Charts

Log schemes

Log points and dashes

Monoidal spaces. Charts
10/17 Compactifying log structures


D-stability Examples of Log schemes
10/24 Etale vs Zariski toplogies. The space X_log The exponential sequence Betti realizations
10/31 The moment map X_log as a manifold with boundary
11/7 Derivations and differentials   Holiday Calculus, Deformations
11/14 Smoothness
11/21 Holiday de Rham cohomology
11/28 Riemann Hilbert
12/5 Reading Week Instruction ends  

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Here is a section on equivariant sheaves on monoid schemes that I didn't have time to lecture on. Comments are most welcome, especially on the last part, which I didnt' revise adequately either.

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