Upcoming Events

We will be having a women's networking dinner on Monday, March 8, in 1015 Evans from 5-7pm. Please RSVP to URep@math.berkeley.edu if you would like to attend. We will be having (at least partially) subsidized dinner from Mandarin Garden.

About Us

Named in honor of Emmy Noether, the Noetherian Ring is an organization of graduate students, postdocs, and professors in the Mathematics Department at the University of California, Berkeley who happen to be women.

We are partially funded by the Graduate Assembly, the math department, and a generous donation from Microsoft Research.

We have general nring events twice a semester, normally at the beginning and end of the semester. At the start of the semester, we try to have dinner with (some of) the MSRI Connections for Women participants. The connections workshops sometimes have so many participants we (unfortunately) would not be able to find a place to hold everyone. We also try to have lunch or tea with the female colloquium speakers, if the speaker's schedule permits.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email nring AT math DOT berkeley DOT edu.

We are continually updating our site. Please check back frequently.

Contacting NRing

nring AT math DOT berkeley DOT edu

Mailing Address:
The Noetherian Ring
Department of Mathematics #3840
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-3840