I am an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at University of California, Berkeley, sponsored by Bernd Sturmfels; I finished my Ph.D. in 2011 at Brown University under the supervision of Dan Abramovich.

My research has focused mostly on moduli spaces, birational geometry, geometric invariant theory (GIT), and tropical geometry.  I am eager to explore possible applications of this work (e.g., in algebraic statistics and phylogenetics) and am open to collaborations across disciplinary borders.

I enjoy teaching as wide a range of courses as possible (it's the best way to learn new things!) and am particularly enthusiastic about sharing mathematics with a general audience by presenting it from a liberal arts perspective.  Students (undergraduate or graduate), please contact me if you are curious about participating in an independent study project; I can suggest possible topics to choose from, depending on your interests, or if you have ones in mind already just let me know.

In addition to research and pedagogy, I am interested in the public policy aspects of my profession, e.g., issues of STEM funding and education.

My undergraduate studies were at University of Washington, working mostly with Jim Morrow, Chuck Doran, Henry Cohn, and Jerry Seidler.  Before that, I was home schooled by my hippie parents.  If my last name seems familiar in math, there's a good chance you know my brother.

I am currently on the job market.