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Berkeley Topology Seminar
Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Location and time
Introductory talk: Wednesdays 2:10pm - 3:00pm in 740 Evans
Research talk: Wednesdays 4:10pm - 5:00pm in 3 Evans
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Nicholas Miller

Titles and abstracts

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
Feb 5th Joshua Greene (Boston College) (4pm-5pm) On loops intersecting at most once
Feb 12th Nicholas Miller (UC Berkeley) (2pm-3pm) Arithmetic lattices and superrigidity
(4pm-5pm) Finiteness theorems for totally geodesic submanifolds
Feb 19th Lei Chen (Cal Tech) (2pm-3pm) An introduction to Homeo and Diff groups
(4pm-5pm) Actions of Homeo and Diffeo groups on manifolds
Feb 26th Matthew Hedden (Michigan State University) (2pm-3pm) Background Material
(4pm-5pm) Corks, Involutions, and Heegaard Floer homology
Mar 4th Siddhi Krishna (Boston College) (2pm-3pm) An introduction to fibered knots: construction and detection
(4pm-5pm) Taut foliations and Dehn surgery along positive braids
Mar 11th Slava Krushkal (University of Virginia) (4pm-5pm) Applications of TQFT to polynomial identities for graphs on surfaces
Mar 18th Joshua Howie (UC Davis) CANCELLED
Mar 25th Spring Break No Seminar
Apr 1st Jim Hoste (Pitzer College) CANCELLED
Apr 7th Ryan Budney (University of Victoria) (4pm-5pm)
Apr 15th Gabriel Islambouli (University of Waterloo) (2pm-3pm)
Apr 22nd Ryan Budney (University of Victoria) CANCELLED
Apr 29th Du Pei (Harvard) (2pm-3pm)
May 6th Justin Katz (Purdue University) CANCELLED

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
Aug 28 James Farre (Yale) (2pm-3pm) End invariants of infinite volume hyperbolic 3-manifolds
(4pm-5pm) Infinite volume and bounded cohomology
Sep 4 Claire Burrin (Rutgers University) (4pm-5pm) Lattice point counting and saddle connections
Sep 11 No Seminar No Seminar
Sep 18 Alexander Rasmussen (Yale University) (2pm-3pm) Introduction to groups acting on hyperbolic metric spaces
(4pm-5pm) Analogs of the curve graph for infinite type surfaces
Sep 25 William Worden (Rice University) (2pm-3pm) Ideal pants block manifolds and Dehn filling
(4pm-5pm) Small knots of large Heegaard genus
Oct 2 Clayton McDonald (Boston College) (4pm-5pm) Doubly slice odd pretzel knots
Oct 9 Karen Vogtmann (University of Warwick) CANCELLED
Oct 16 Nikhil Savale (Universität zu Köln) (2pm-3pm) ECH=HM, their Q-grading and the eta invariant
(4pm-5pm) Sub-leading asymptotics of ECH capacities
Oct 23 Jing Tao (University of Oklahoma) (2pm-3pm) Bers' proof of Nielsen-Thurston classification theorem
(4pm-5pm) A tale of 2 metrics
Oct 30 Vladimir Markovic (California Institute of Technology) (4pm-5pm) Harmonic surfaces and simple loops
Nov 6 Philip Engel (University of Georgia) (4pm-5pm) Integral affine spheres
Nov 13 Karen Vogtmann (University of Warwick) (2pm-3pm) Introduction to Outer Space
(4pm-5pm) The rational Euler characteristic of Out(Fn)
Nov 20 Inkang Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Studies) (2pm-3pm) Introduction to systole
(4pm-5pm) Systole growth of locally symmetric manifolds under the congruence coverings
Dec 4