Nilin Abrahamsen

The Simons Institute of Computing
UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics
Evans Hall, Office 889

Hello! I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Simons Institute of Computing and the UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics. I graduated my PhD from MIT in 2021 under the supervision of Peter Shor and Jonathan Kelner.
I am interested in computational problems related to quantum mechanical systems and many-electron structure. I am very fortunate to be mentored by Lin Lin and Umesh Varizani.

Photo by Laura Louise Willis


w. Lin Lin: Taming the sign problem of explicitly antisymmetrized neural networks via rough activation functions
w. Yuan Su, Yu Tong, Nathan Wiebe: Entanglement area law for 1D gauge theories and bosonic systems
Short proof of a spectral Chernoff bound for local Hamiltonians
Sub-exponential algorithm for 2D frustration-free spin systems with gapped subsystems
& Sharp implications of AGSPs for degenerate ground spaces
A polynomial-time algorithm for ground states of spin trees
Quantum Information Processing (QIP) 2020
With P. Rigollet: Sparse Gaussian ICA