Spring 2018 Student Discrete Analysis Seminar

Meetings: Fridays 4-5:30pm, 746 Evans Hall.

This is a student reading group for topics not far from the convex hull of: the analytic theory of polynomials, spectral graph theory, discrete probability, combinatorics, algorithms, and random matrices.


Date Speaker Topic
1/26 Archit Rothvoss's Proof of CC bounded by square root of rank
2/2 Jonathan Generalizations of capacity and applications to counting
2/9 Jorge, 5-630pm Fock spaces, orthogonal polynomials, and spectral graph theory
2/16 Theo Log-sobolev inequalities on decomposable Markov chains
2/23 Archit Bordenave's proof of Friedman's Theorem I
3/2 Archit/Satyaki Bordenave's proof of Friedman's Theorem II
3/9 Satyaki Bordenave's proof of Friedman's Theorem III
3/16 Jess Entanglement Testing via SOS and Lovett's Theorem
4/6 Nick q-Finite Free Convolutions of Polynomials
4/27 Jorge Polynomial convolutions in the max-plus algebra
Previous semesters:
Fall 2017