Angxiu Ni

I am a PhD candidate at the mathematics department, UC Berkeley.
My person can sometimes be found in 824 Evans.
My adviser is John Strain, and I had been advised by Qiqi Wang and Haixin Chen.
E-mail: niangxiu at math dot berkeley dot edu


Spring 2019:

GSI for math 128a: numerical analysis, taught by John Strain.
Discussion session: TBD
Office hour: TBD.


My research interest is in numerical methods for dynamcial systems.
Currently, I am working on computing sensitivity of long-time averaged objectives in chaotic dynamical systems.
My main contributions are in shadowing methods, where I developed the non-intrusive formulation and proved the adjoint shadowing theorem.
For a detailed list of papers see:

Publications and Conferences


Qualifying exam syllabus (passed November 2018)
Curriculum vitae
My name writes 倪昂修 in Chinese.