Angxiu Ni (倪昂修, pronounces as "ang sh-you knee")

I am a PhD candidate at the mathematics department, UC Berkeley.
I will be a BICMR postdoc starting from fall 2021.
E-mail: niangxiu at math dot berkeley dot edu

Recent Activities

On Tuesday, March 2, at SIAM CSE 2021, I am organizing two sessions on "Linear Response / Differentiation / Backpropagation in Chaos". Speakers include inventors/contributors of several major algorithms; there will also be a review on linear response theory. Details: session 1, session 2

Publications and Talks

I differentiate chaos numerically. My main works are:
1. Non-intrusive shadowing algorithms, the fastest for approximately differentiating chaos.
2. Fast linear response algorithm, the first affordable algorithm for accurately differentiating chaos.
See a video recording of a talk summarizing a big part of my work.

Teaching, Spring 2021

GSI for math 228B: Numerical solutions of differential equations, taught by Jon Wilkening.
Office hour: W 9-11am PT, zoom number on appointment page. I will mostly stay logged-in during the OH but would be good to give me a heads-up.


My advisers are Pingwen Zhang, John Strain, Qiqi Wang, and Haixin Chen.
Curriculum vitae
Previous Teaching
Qualifying exam syllabus (subjects: PDE, dynamical systems, numerical differential equations; passed in 2018)