Math 256A, Algebraic Geometry, Fall 2015

Instructor: David Nadler

Office Hours: by appointment, 815 Evans.

Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-12:30pm, 2 Evans.

Course Control Number: 54512

Prerequisites: Math 250A-250B or equivalent familiarity with abstract algebra.


Syllabus: This will be an example-oriented introduction to algebraic geometry. We will explore varieties and schemes, with a focus on curves.


There will be a weekly in-class quiz.

There will be a final project due at the last class meeting Thursday December 3, 2015. You will prepare a synopsis of a research topic containing: 1) explanation of an old problem or question; 2) discussion of a result contributing to the solution; 3) discussion of a key argument or calculation in the proof of the result; 4) proposal of a new problem or question that one might pursue.