Math 274: Microlocal Geometry

This will be a seminar devoted to thinking microlocally. A potential goal is the microlocalization of homology. Core topics will include: tame topology; geometric models for homology and cohomology; constructible sheaves; nearby and vanishing cycles...
Useful sources:
  1. Mather, Notes on Topological Stability.
  2. Miller and van den Dries, Geometric categories and o-minimal structures.
  3. Goresky, Whitney stratified chains and cochains.
  4. Milnor, Singular Points of Complex Hypersurfaces.
  5. Massey, Notes on Perverse Sheaves and Vanishing Cycles.
  6. Kashiwara and Schapira, Sheaves on Manifolds.
  7. Goresky and MacPherson, Morse theory and intersection Homology theory.