Math 98: Introduction to MATLAB Programming

Final Project

The final project has 12 points, you can find the pdf here with some examples in this folder. Please submit the project through bcourses. Only the portion of the code that runs without error will be graded (if the function does not run then you will get 0). In case of plagrism (for example if two people's handwriting look the same), all parties involved gets 0 and will fail the course.

Week Topic Reading Assignment Solutions
Week 1: 4 Sept - 8 Sep Data structure, vector operations, loops and functions. script - week 1 pdf folder
Week 2: 11 Sep - 15 Sep Taylor series and Fourier series, significant digits. script - week 1 pdf folder
Week 3: 18 Sep - 22 Sep Least squares fitting, LU decomposition, solving linear systems. script - week 2 pdf folder
Week 4: 25 Sep - 29 Sep Visualization, critical points and numerical integration. script - section 3.2 pdf folder
Week 5: 2 Oct - 6 Oct Numerical solutions to ODEs. script - section 3.3 pdf
Week 6: 9 Oct - 13 Oct Data handling and analysis. script - section 4 pdf
Class Time and Location

This is a 6 week class starting the week of September 4th.

  • Section 7 (Class Number 17189): Mondays 5-6:30 PM, B3A Evans
  • Section 8 (Class Number 17190): Thursdays 3:30-5 PM, B3A Evans
  • Section 9 (Class Number 17170): Thursdays 5-6:30 PM, B3A Evans
  • Section 10 (Class Number 17171): Fridays 5-6:30 PM, B3A Evans
Class Description

This is a 1 unit P/NP class related to Math 128A and MATH 170. It serves as an introduction to programming with MATLAB. The course covers assignment, conditionals, loops, arrays, functions, visualization, regression and numerical solutions to differential equations. Class is based on problems drawn from real life applications. Knowledge equivalent to MATH 54 or MATH 110 is required.

Passing the Course

There are 6 assignments each worth 3 points, one for each week. There is one final project worth 12 points, due at a later time of the term. To pass the course, you will need 15 out of 30 points in total. No late submission is accepted.

Installing MATLAB

You can download MATLAB here and obtain a student liscence at this link. The liscence application may take time, but a trial licence can be used during the wait time. MATLAB is installed on all the terminals in the computer lab.


For additional reference I recommend Essential MATLAB for engineers and scientists by Brian H. Hahn, Daniel T. Valentine. It is available online for free from UCB library. The MathWorks Website is also an invaluable resource.