Academic Events

We are committed to improving the academic standing of undergraduate math community at Berkeley, especially by filling in where the department does not cover. Some of our academic events are:

  • REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Panels
  • Peer Advising Nights (in collaboration with the Peer Advisors)
  • Graduate School Panels
  • and themed Recreational Math Nights!

Above all, we are proud of our flagship event: Math Monday Undergraduate Lecture Series. Math Monday talks are a series of lectures about various topics of research in math and applied math directed at undergraduate math students.

Distinguished Teaching Award

Each year, mathematics undergraduates award the Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award to an instructor who exemplifies approachable, exceptional, and inspirational teaching. Professors who have indicated particular interest in the undergraduate community are especially deserving. Typically, nominations occur in the fall and the award is given at Commencement.
The 2023-2024 Teaching Award was given to Professor Michael Christ.

Academic Resources

Below is a collection of some academic resources. We also have a larger collection of academic and non-academic resources on our resources page!

Exam Cheat Sheets

Exam Banks

LaTeX Tutorials

LaTeX is a typesetting software which is commonly used in technical writing, including formatting mathematics. MUSA holds a LaTeX workshop (Spring 2023 slides) once per semester, but if you missed it or need more information, give these guides a try:

Course Map

Heard about our interactive course map? Find it here!