I am currently interested in studying obstructions to paths and loops of symplectic embeddings in 4 dimensions
using techniques from embedded contact homology and symplectic field theory. My advisor is Michael Hutchings.
Before coming to UC Berkeley, I did research in complex dynamics and billiards.


During Summer 2018, I am teaching the 10-12PM Lecture of Math 185.
I am a mentor in the Directed Reading Program where I am currently helping an undergrad understand the marvels of smooth manifolds.
Once in a while I teach for the Berkeley Math Circle.
Here is a list of courses I taught in the past at UC Berkeley.

  • Math 53 - Multivariable Calculus - Summer 2015, Summer 2016 - Lecturer
    - Fall 2016, Summer 2017(online), Fall 2017 - GSI
  • Math 32 - Precalculus - Spring 2016 - Lecturer
  • Math 1B - Calculus - Spring 2015 - GSI
  • Math 1A - Calculus - Fall 2014, Fall 2015 - GSI

    I am originally from Romania and my name is pronounced approximately like Google Translate tries to emulate here.
    I got my Bachelor's in Mathematics at Jacobs University Bremen. Mathematics and I go a long way back. My first exposure to the subject was through mathematics competitions. I was a "mathlete" starting when I was 8 and until I was 20. I still really enjoy solving that kind of problems.
    When I don't do math, I mostly do sports and read. I enjoy playing tennis in particular and I have been keeping at it since I was 12. My favourite fiction author is Haruki Murakami. When I read non-fiction I mostly read about philosophy and behavioral science. Here is a list of books I read lately.


    853 Evans Hall
    Berkeley, CA 94720, USA

    Office hours: by appointment (unless you know how to track me down)

    myfirstname dot mylastname at berkeley dot edu