Berkeley Student Symplectic Field Theory Seminar, Fall 2016

The Fall 2016 Student Symplectic Field Theory Seminar meets Mondays 5-6:30 in 891 Evans, with the exceptions of 10/3 and 11/7 which are dates on which the Northern California Symplectic Geometry Seminar meets. The reference for the seminar is a course given by Chris Wendl.

If you are looking for references for prerequisite information, some good choices are both books by McDuff-Salamon (Introduction to Symplectic Topology and J-Holomorphic Curves and Symplectic Topology) as well as the book by Audin-Damian (Morse Theory and Floer Homology) and the lecture notes from Katrin Wehrheim's lecture course on analysis of pseudoholomorphic curves Fall 2013 (see her website).


The schedule below is tentative: in particular, we may scrap the talk scheduled for 10/10 in order to spend more time on the generating function and applications at the end. We may also need to have an "overflow" day at some point.

Date Speaker Title
8/29 Benjamin Gammage Introduction to SFT
9/5 No Seminar Labor Day
9/12 Joseph Fluegemann Lecture 3: Asymptotic Operators
9/19 Morgan Weiler Lectures 4 and 5: Fredholm Theory and the Index Formula notes
9/26 Mihai Munteanu Lecture 6: Moduli Spaces in Symplectizations and Exact Symplectic Cobordisms
10/3 No Seminar NCSGS
10/10 Mihai Munteanu Lectures 6, and briefly 7 and 8
10/17 Julian Chaidez Lecture 9, first half: Compactness I
10/24 Jeff Hicks Lecture 9, second half: Compactness II
10/31 Catherine Cannizzo Lecture 10: Cylindrical Contact Homology
11/7 No Seminar NCSGS
11/14 Zhengyi Zhou Lecture 11 and 12.1: Bad Reeb Orbits
11/21 Andrew Hanlon Lecture 12 and beyond: Generating Function/Applications (tbd)
11/28 ?? Lecture 12 and beyond: Generating Function/Applications (tbd)
12/5 RRR Week