2019 SFBA ARML Team

Information about practices will be posted here. Team announcements will be sent out via email. See the email archive for any announcements that you might have missed.

For questions about practices, email moorxu@gmail.com. For questions about anything else, check the website.


Practices are weekly, starting in mid-April and continuing until ARML. Practices will be held in a variety of locations around the Bay Area.

There are also independent practices at UC Davis for students from the Sacramento area. For more information, see www.sacmath.com. Sacramento area students are not required to attend Bay Area practices and do not need to fill out Practice Absence Forms.

If you need to miss a practice, get that absence excused by filling out the Practice Absence Form. You will need to provide a good reason. Please keep in mind that not all reasons are good.

Here is a list of practice dates and times:

If you want to join a carpool to a practice, please fill out our Carpool Form. Note that all information submitted to the form is public: You can see a spreadsheet of carpool responses. You can contact people on the spreadsheet to set up a carpool.

Practice materials

Practice materials for practices will be posted here after each practice. Note that these pages are password protected. Email moorxu@gmail.com for the username and password.