Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 Berkeley Connect Fellow.

Attendance: Students should check the Syllabus section of bCourses for the class attendance policy. Additional notes for my sections: (1) I will be following the policy quite strictly, so please read and follow it. (2) I will respond to excuse emails with either a short confirmation, or with a lengthier email asking for clarification, or explaining why the excuse was not accepted. If you don’t get a response, message me again, or find me in person. (3) Everyone, even late-joiners, are automatically counted as present for the first (panel) meeting on January 19th. (4) Late-joiners who missed 1 or 2 events will have those events counted as unexcused. Late-joiners who missed more that 2 events will be considered to have had 2 unexcused missed events. (5) The faculty directors may have different interpretations of the attendance policy, in which case they can overrule anything I’ve said or written about it.

Spring 2016: GSI for Math 110 (Frenkel).

Fall 2014 & Spring 2015: Berkeley Connect Fellow.

Spring 2014: Instructor for Math 375.

Fall 2013: GSI for Math 55 (S. Evans).

Spring 2013: GSI for Math 16B (Demmel).

Fall 2012: GSI for Math 16A (Woodin/Harrison).

Spring 2012: GSI for Math 1B (Simic).

Fall 2011: GSI for Math H1B (Talaska).

Spring 2011: GSI for Math 16B (Judson).

Fall 2010: GSI for Math 1B (Jones).