Representation Theory, Geometry and Combinatorics Joint Seminar
Spring 2011

Organizers: Mark Haiman and Kolya Reshetikhin

Time and place: Wednesdays 4:00-5:30pm, 891 Evans

Course Control Number: 54629

Subject matter: Current research and special topics in representation theory, geometry and combinatorics and their interactions.


19 Miriam Cohen, Bersheva University Conjugacy classes for Hopf algebras
26 Jie Sun, UC Berkeley Universal central extensions of direct limits of Lie superalgebras
9 Ivan Losev, MIT Finite W-algebras, II
16 Mark Gross, UCSD Mirror symmetry for rational surfaces and deformations of cusp singularities
23 Elizabeth Dan-Cohen, Jacobs University, Bremen A Koszul category of representations of finitary Lie algebras
2 Melody Chan, UCB Combinatorics of the Tropical Torelli Map
9 Helge Ruddat, UCB Mirror Symmetry partners via vanishing cycles
16 David Nadler, Northwestern Elliptic Springer Theory
23 No Seminar (Spring vacation)
6 Suho Oh, MIT Totally nonnegative Grassmannian, plabic graphs and maximal weakly separated sets
13 Matt Satriano, U. Michigan Toric Hilbert schemes and Kontsevich spaces of toric varieties
20 Lauren Williams, UCB KP solitons, total positivity, and cluster algebras
27 Francisco Plaza Martín, Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) Algebro-geometric solutions of the KdV equations satisfying the Virasoro constraints
4 Chris Manon, UCB Toric degenerations and integrable systems on configuration spaces
11 William Slofstra, UCB Twisted strong Macdonald theorems

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