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Each available office is highlighted and marked with its capacity and whether it has a window and/or balcony. The other rooms are not graduate student offices.

Blank versions:Floor 7Floor 8Floor 9Floor 10

Scroll down for a complete list of available offices.

Office Draw Rules

The office draw is held at the end of each Spring semester. The three options for entering the office draw are:

  1. Blocking: Blocking with other graduate students allows you to pick your office at the same time as them. It does not guarantee that there will be an office that will fit your entire blocking group, nor does it require you to all go in a single office if there is one available. However, a blocking group cannot split across a set of offices if they could be accommodated by a proper subset of those offices.

    Example: Alice, Bob, and Chris block together. They are not allowed to take three different empty offices. They are allowed to fill the last available spot in three different offices. This is to ensure that people in blocking groups do want to share an office with each other, but doesn't punish them if full offices aren't available.

  2. Floating: If you do not block, and instead enter the office draw individually, then you are treated as a block of size 1. At the office draw, you may pick any office which has an open spot.

  3. Squatting: Squatting means that you wish to remain in your current office. In order to be eligible to squat, the average priority of those who wish to remain in the office cannot have not increased since when they entered the office (see below for the precise details).

  4. The picking order and office selection times will be emailed out ahead of the office draw.

    Unless you are squatting, you will choose your new office on the day of the office draw at your designated time. If you cannot make that time, send a surrogate or email mgsa@math with your preferences.


Each graduate student has an individual priority, which is determined by their year in the department for the year they will occupy the office (lower numbers are better):

Individual Priority:64321135

1st years have their own office draw during orientation, in which they may block with each other. The year of a transfer student for purposes of the office draw will be based on how far along they are with their studies.

There are a few other factors which modify individual priorities:

The priority of a block is the average of the individual priorities of its members. Blocks that are tied with the same priority are randomly ordered.

Details of the squatting condition: In order to squat, you must have pnew≤pold, where

  • pnew is the average of the individual priorities of everyone who will be remaining in the office.
  • pold is the average of the effective priorities of the everyone who will be remaining in the office.
  • Your effective priority is the priority of your block from the most recent year in which you did not squat.
  • Moving Day

    There is a single moving day at the beginning of the fall semester. It is usually the first day of classes, but there are exceptions. If you are unable to move on this day, you have three options:

    1. Ask a friend to move your belongings for you on moving day.

    2. Talk to the current occupants of your future office and try to arrange a time prior to moving day when you can move your belongings.

    3. Pack your belongings in boxes and put them in a corner of your current office so they take up minimal space. Talk to the future occupants and arrange a time to pick up your belongings after moving day.

      Note: This should only be done if you will be able to pick up your belongings within two weeks.

    List of Offices

    7102West, Facing In
    7162West, Facing In
    7373North, Facing OutWindow
    7394North, Facing OutWindow
    7414North, Facing OutWindow
    7433North, Facing OutWindow
    7453North, Facing OutWindow
    7474North, Facing OutWindow
    7753East, Facing OutWindow
    7874South, Facing OutWindow
    7893South, Facing OutWindow
    8102West, Facing In
    8122West, Facing In
    8142West, Facing In
    8162West, Facing In
    8182West, Facing In
    8202Inside Hallway
    8222Inside Hallway
    8243West, Facing In
    8263Inside Hallway
    8282Inside Hallway
    8302Inside Hallway
    8322Inside Hallway
    8342Inside Hallway
    8353North, Facing OutWindow
    8362Inside Hallway
    8404Inside Hallway
    8424Inside Hallway
    8444Inside Hallway
    8453North, Facing OutWindow
    8484Inside Hallway
    8504Inside Hallway
    8524Inside Hallway
    8534East, Facing OutWindow
    8544Inside Hallway
    8694East, Facing OutWindow
    9353North, Facing OutWindow
    9373North, Facing OutWindow
    9413North, Facing OutWindow
    10042South, CourtyardWindow
    10062South, CourtyardWindow
    10082South, CourtyardWindow
    10102South, CourtyardWindow
    10202North, CourtyardWindow
    10373North, Facing OutWindow
    10393North, Facing OutWindow
    10402North, CourtyardWindow
    10413North, Facing OutWindowBalcony
    10423North, CourtyardWindow
    10433North, Facing OutWindowBalcony
    10443North, CourtyardWindow
    10453North, Facing OutWindow
    10473North, Facing OutWindow
    10493North, Facing OutWindowBalcony
    10562East, Facing In
    10573East, Facing OutWindowBalcony
    10583East, Facing In
    10603East, CourtyardWindow
    10613East, Facing OutWindowBalcony
    10623East, CourtyardWindow
    10643East, CourtyardWindow
    10653East, Facing OutWindowBalcony
    10663East, CourtyardWindow
    10683East, CourtyardWindow
    10702East, Facing In
    10753East, Facing OutWindowBalcony
    10853South, Facing OutWindow
    10873South, Facing OutWindow
    10933South, Facing OutWindow
    10953South, Facing OutWindow
    10973South, Facing OutWindowBalcony