Many Cheerful Facts 2010

Many Cheerful Facts: The talks are usually given by graduate students and are aimed at a general mathematics audience.

If you are interested in giving a talk and/or want some ideas for a talk, please contact Jason Ferguson (JMF at Math) .

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Title
Feb. 12 Jason Ferguson Minkowski Theory and the Four-Squares Theorem
Feb. 19 Michael Pejic Freaky Fractional Derivatives
March 12 Adam Boocher The Weird and Wonderful Chemistry of the Look-and-say sequence
April 2 Andrew Niles A Basic Introduction to Elliptic Curves
April 9 Julia Erhard An Independent Statement of Pure Mathematics
April 16 Shuchao Bi Many Cheerful Facts and Conjectures about Commuting Varieties
April 23 Vinicius Gripp A Geometric Approach to the Exterior Derivative and Stokes' Theorem
April 30 Holger Kammeyer Fair and Unfair Prices for Financial Derivatives

Summer 2010

Date Speaker Title
Jun. 25 Taryn Flock Laplacians on a Family of Quadratic Julia Sets
Jul. 9 Jason Ferguson Pointwise Convergence of Fourier Series

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