Many Cheerful Facts 2007

Many Cheerful Facts is being run in 2007 by William Slofstra and Alex Fink. In the Fall the talks will be held on Thursdays, 1:10–2:00, in 1015 Evans.

If you'd like to give a talk, or to bake something for the talks, write one of us at slofstra or finka, respectively, at

Previously on Many Cheerful Facts: 2006 (fall, spring), 2005, 2001–2004.

Schedule of talks — Fall 2007

Date Speaker Title
September 6 Kenny Easwaran G\"{o}del's Theorems
September 13 Dave Penneys Examples of Nonabelian Von Neumann Algebras...
September 20 Jeffrey Doker The Möbius Inversion Formula Revisited
September 27 Noah Snyder Cancelled
October 4 Anton Geraschenko The Salamander Lemma
October 11 Patrick Barrow What is Noncommutative Geometry?
October 18 Theo Johnson-Freyd Divergent Series
October 25 Chul-Hee Lee $e^{\pi\sqrt{163}}$ is an almost-integer
November 1 Santiago Cañez The Tao of Quantization
November 8 Richard Dore Buy One Tree, Get Exactly Six Free
November 15 Matt Satriano "Nine Magic Discriminants"
November 19 John Oberlin Mnemonic Constructs: An Approach to Artificial Intelligence
November 29 Noah Snyder Eureka: The Method of Archimedes
December 6 Kiril Datchev Spectral Theory for the Schroedinger Equation

Schedule of talks — Spring 2007

Date Speaker Title
January 24 Jeff Doker The Square-Peg Problem. Well, The Rectangular-Peg One At Least.
January 31 Daniel Evans Classifying Surface Automorphisms
February 7 Justin Blanchard Riemann Revisited
February 14 William Slofstra Bell Inequalties and Grothendieck's Constant
February 21 Gary Sivek Computation on Groups
February 28 Dustin Cartwright Algebraic and Topological K-Theory
March 7 Adam Booth Some Models Have Bigger Ones Than Others
March 14 Alex Fink Ceci n'est pas un résumé : The surreal numbers
March 21 Russell O'Connor The Coming Constructive Revolution
March 28 Spring break; no talk
April 4 Chul-Hee Lee Mathematics of ADE : The ubiquity of Coxeter-Dynkin diagrams
April 11 Kevin Lin A generalized theory of computation
April 18 Michael Catlin One Proof Isn't Enough for the Two of Us
April 25 Cancelled
May 2 David Spivak Presheaf, the cobbler.