Luya Wang

I am a fourth year math grad student at UC Berkeley. My advisor is Michael Hutchings.

My research interests lie in low-dimensional topology and symplectic geometry. More specifically, I study pseudo-holomorphic curves and their applications in low-dimensional topology.


Research papers

Fixed point-free pseudo-Anosovs and the cinquefoil (with Ethan Farber and Braeden Reinoso). arXiv:2203.01402.

A combinatorial proof of invariance of double-point enhanced grid homology (with Timothy Ratigan and Joshua Wang). arXiv:1810.03202.

Hyperbolicity of Links in Thickened Surfaces (with Colin Adams, Carlos Albors-Riera, Beatrix Haddock, Zhiqi Li, Daishiro Nishida and Braeden Reinoso). Topology and its Applications (2019). arXiv:1802.05770.

Seminars and Workshops I co-organize

KYLEREC workshop. Kylerec is happening in person June 19-23, 2022! Please apply here by April 10.

The Geometric Topology Grad and Postdoc Seminar (GT GAPS). This is a weekly Zoom seminar. If you are interested to attend or give talks, please sign us here.


Fall 2018: GSI for Math 54 with John Lott.

Spring 2018: GSI for Math 54 with Vivek Shende.