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ngchol_interf.hpp File Reference

Interface with NGCHOL. More...

#include "ngchol.hpp"
#include "pexsi/pselinv.hpp"
#include "pexsi/ngchol_interf_impl.hpp"

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class  PEXSI::PMatrix< T >
 PMatrix contains the main data structure and the computational routine for the parallel selected inversion. More...


 The main namespace.


template<typename T >
void PEXSI::NGCHOLMatrixToSuperNode (LIBCHOLESKY::SupernodalMatrix< T > &SMat, SuperNodeType &super)
 Converts the NGCHOL supernodal structure to PMatrix SuperNodeType structure.
template<typename T >
void PEXSI::NGCHOLMatrixToPMatrix (LIBCHOLESKY::SupernodalMatrix< T > &SMat, PMatrix< T > &PMat)
 Converts a matrix of NGCHOL type to PMatrix.
template<typename T >
void PEXSI::PMatrixLtoU (PMatrix< T > &PMat)

Detailed Description

Interface with NGCHOL.

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