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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCPEXSI::DistSparseMatrix< F >DistSparseMatrix describes a Sparse matrix in the compressed sparse column format (CSC) and distributed with column major partition
oCPEXSI::DistSparseMatrix< Real >
oCPEXSI::GridTypeGridType is the PSelInv way of defining the grid
oCPEXSI::IndexComp< T >
oCPEXSI::LBlockLBlock stores a nonzero block in the lower triangular part or the diagonal part in PSelInv
oCPEXSI::NumMat< F >Numerical matrix
oCPEXSI::NumMat< bool >
oCPEXSI::NumMat< Scalar >
oCPEXSI::NumTns< F >Numerical tensor
oCPEXSI::NumVec< F >Numerical vector
oCPEXSI::NumVec< bool >
oCPEXSI::NumVec< Int >
oCPEXSI::NumVec< Real >
oCPEXSI::PMatrixPMatrix contains the main data structure and the computational routine for the parallel selected inversion
oCPEXSI::PPEXSIDataMain class for parallel PEXSI
oCPEXSI::SparseMatrix< F >SparseMatrix describes a sequential sparse matrix saved in compressed sparse column format
oCPEXSI::SuperLUMatrix::SuperLUDataData of a matrix in the SuperLU format
oCPEXSI::SuperLUGridA thin interface for the gridinfo_t strucutre in SuperLU
oCPEXSI::SuperLUMatrixAn thin interface to keep the main code insulated from the source code of SuperLU
oCPEXSI::SuperLUOptionsA thin interface for passing parameters to set the SuperLU options
oCPEXSI::SuperNodeTypeSuperNodeType describes mapping between supernode and column, the permutation information, and potentially the elimination tree (not implemented here)
oCPEXSI::UBlockUBlock stores a nonzero block in the upper triangular part in PSelInv
\CPEXSI::Vec3T< F >Tiny vectors of dimension 3