Fall 2019 Math 54 LEC 002 DIS 202 and 207 Homepage

This is an webpage for Discussion section 202 and 207 of Constantin Teleman's Math 54, Fall 2019.
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Office Hours : Monday 9am-10am, 11am-12pm at 1020 Evans

Section Grading Policy

 Week   Tuesdays   Thursdays     Stuffs   
1 Aug 29 Quiz 1 (8.8)
2 Sep 3 Sep 5 Quiz 2 (9.0)
3 Sep 10 Sep 12 Quiz 3 (7.4)
4 Sep 17 Sep 19 Quiz 4 (7.8)
5 Sep 24 Sep 26 Quiz 5 (6.7)
6 Oct 1 Midterm 1 (Fri) [Prep and Sol]
7 Oct 8 PG&E Power Outage
8 Oct 15 Oct 17 Quiz 6 (10.3/15)
9 Oct 22 Oct 24 Quiz 7 (7.1)
10 Oct 29 Oct 31 Quiz 8 (7.7)
11 Nov 7 (opt) Midterm 2 (Wed) [Prep and Sol]
12 Nov 12 Nov 14 Quiz 9 (7.5)
13 Nov 19 Nov 21 Quiz 10 (7.7)
14 Nov 26 [Happy] Thanksgiving Day (Thu)
15 Dec 3 Dec 5 Quiz 11 (6.4)
16 Dec 10 (opt) Dec 12 RRR Week
17 Wish You Good Luck! FINAL (Mon) [Prep's below]
Real final solution (by me)

Final Prep Set LA (11/22), DE (12/6), LA+DE (12/12), and Extra (DIY)
Final Prep Sol LA, DE, LA+DE, and Extra

The Quiz and Prep solutions are all written by Joyce Chen. Let's thank Joyce for her works.
If there are any mistakes in the solutions, that's all on me as I am the one who confirms.

The blank means no discussion section on that day.

The decimal number in parentheses is the average of the quiz.

Some interesting applications of Linear Algebra:

Google Search (PageRank) (Find an Eigenvector ASAP): You could google ''Google PageRank''. Take a look at first few pages of this article named 'The 25 Billion Dollars Eigenvectors'.
Image Compression (SVD) (Decompose the matrix and pick the main-contribution part): Google ''Image processing and SVD''. These ~ notes are what I have found interesting.
Data Reduction (PCA) (Diagonalize your matrix to find GOOD axes to project your data set): Google "Principal Component Analysis". This blog has an application-oriented explanation.

Videos for Fourier Series and Heat Equation
Fourier Series: To understand what we are learning in this part, watch this silent and short(!) video.
In a slightly different perspective, Fourier series makes you be able to do this: Homer Simpson, DT and Pi, or how about this? (Just go to WolframAlpha and type `Barack Obama curve' out!)
Heat Equation: This video shows you how to understand Heat Equation intuitively.