Ruochen Liang's Work Station

Ruochen's Workstation


Many people can learn math, but few can learn it in one life cycle.

  • Email: liangrc2012[AT]
  • Office: 739 Evans
  • Office Hours: Tuesday Thursday 5:00-6:00 pm

Ruochen Liang

I am a second year Ph.D student in UC Berkeley. Prior to that I was pursuing my undergraduate Math degree in The University of Hong Kong.

My primary research interests lie in numerical linear algebra and its possible applications. Currently I am studying machine learning and trying to explore opportunities in that.

Besides Math I also play classical guitar and I believe that Math and Music have some things in common :)


Since I have accidentally deleted the my website folder on the server, I have lost all my past teaching materials and sigh....

Here's the email that went virus I mentioned to you guys in section, try reading it.

Here's a decision tree I make for testing convergence of a series.

Spring 2017

    If you know share latex, here is the collection of all worksheets . Otherwise, see below