Lauren Cranton Heller

office: Evans 834

Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley
970 Evans Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720

MATH 110

LEC 002, DIS 201: Hearst Field Annex B1, MTuWTh 2-4

office hours: M 4-5, TuTh 1-2, or by appointment

course information

We will use Linear Algebra Done Right by Sheldon Axler. An electronic copy should be available here to UCB IP addresses with a CalNet login.

Homework will be due at the beginning of class on the days listed in the schedule below. Late homework will not be accepted.

If you cannot attend my office hours, please send me a list of times when you are free so we can set up a meeting.

More information is included in the syllabus. You can also use this form to send me a question or comment anonymously. (Berkeley login required.)


homework solutions



6/18 1.A fields
6/19 intro. to proof
6/20 1.B-C vector spaces, subspaces
6/21 2.A span, linear Independence hw 1 due
6/25 2.B-C bases, dimension
6/26 3.A linear maps quiz 1.A-2.A
6/27 3.B null spaces, ranges
6/28 3.C matrices hw 2 due
7/2 3.D invertibility, isomorphism
7/3 3.F duality quiz 2.B-3.C
7/5 review hw 3 due
7/9 EXAM
7/10 5.A invariant subspaces
7/11 5.B eigenvectors
7/12 5.C diagonalization hw 4 due
7/16 6.A inner products, norms hw 5 due
7/17 6.B orthonormal bases
7/18 6.C orthogonal complements
7/19 7.A operators quiz 5.A-6.A
7/23 7.B spectral theorem hw 6 due
7/24 extra time
7/25 review
7/26 EXAM
7/30 8.A generalized eigenvectors hw 7 due
7/31 8.B operator decomposition
8/1 8.C characteristic, minimal polynomials
8/2 8.D Jordan normal form hw 8 due
8/6 10.A-B trace, determinant hw 9 due
8/7 extra time
8/8 review hw 10 due