Lauren Cranton Heller

office: Evans 834

Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley
970 Evans Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720


002 LEC, 210 DIS: Evans 9, MWF 2-3
002 LEC, 213 DIS: Evans 9, MWF 4-5

office hours: W 3-4, F 1-2, or by appointment

course information

You must attend the discussion section for which you are registered.

Homework will be due at the beginning of section most Fridays and will be followed by a 15 minute quiz. (See schedule here.) Question types will be taken directly from the assignment.

Make-up quizzes will be offered only under exceptional circumstances, but the lowest two scores will be dropped at the end of the semester to allow for necessary absences. If you anticipate additional conflicts please bring them to my attention in advance.

If you need accommodation for a disability please send me an e-mail or visit my office.

I expect you to contribute to an environment that encourages everyone's learning. If at any time you feel that your experience in class could be improved, either by me or by your classmates, feel free to talk to me about it.

All work you submit must be your own. You may not consult any sources while taking a quiz, and you may not copy homework answers from your classmates or the internet.


The Student Learning Center has academic support for this course. I would also be glad to direct you toward other resources if you are struggling, or if you would like to learn more about linear algebra!

You can use this form to send me a question or comment anonymously. (Berkeley login required.)