Math 253: Homological Algebra

Instructor: T. Y. Lam

Textbook: Hilton-Stammbach: A Course in Homological Algebra, Graduate Texts in Math., Vol. 4, Springer-Verlag.
Suppl. Reading: Cartan-Eilenberg: Homological Algebra, Princeton University Press.

Course Description: This course will be an introduction to the basic methods of homological algebra. Standard topics include: categories and functors, universal constructions, adjoint functors, derived functors, module categories, homological ring theory, group cohomology, and spectral sequences, etc. I will follow the general ordering of the material in the textbook of Hilton and Stammbach, but will occasionally also take material from my own ring theory books, as well as other basic texts in homological algebra, such as Cartan-Eilenberg, MacLane, or Northcott. Students are assumed to have the textbook of Hilton and Stammbach, as homework problems will be assigned from this text.

There will be no finals, and students will be graded by their homework and participation. Those less prepared to participate actively are encouraged to take the course on S-NS basis.