Kyeongsik Nam

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Mathematics
Office : 1020 Evans Hall
Email : ksnam AT math DOT berkeley DOT edu

I am a fifth year graduate student in the Mathematics Department at UC Berkeley. My advisor is Fraydoun Rezakhanlou.
This is my CV.

Research interests

Probability theory, mathematical physics, and partial differential equations

- Stochastic differential equations with singular coefficients
- Large deviation theory and its applications to statistical mechanics
- Concentration of measure and functional inequalities in random graphs


5. (with Shirshendu Ganguly) Sub-critical exponential random graphs: concentration of measure and some applications. Preprint (2019)
4. Large deviations and localization of the microcanonical ensembles given by multiple constraints. Submitted. Preprint (2018)
3. Hypoelliptic diffusions with singular drifts. Submitted. Preprint (2018)
2. Stochastic differential equations with critical drifts. Submitted. Preprint (2018)
1. (with Byung Keon Gil, Ji-Woo Han, Tae Hyun Kim, Ryun Han Koo, Bon Woo Lee, Jaehoon Lee, Hyeon Woo Park, and Poo-Sung Park) Frobenius numbers of Pythagorean triples. International Journal of Number Theory (2015), Vol. 11, No. 02, 613-619. (Journal, Preprint)