Foliations seminar 2016

Organizers: Sander Kupers, Kathryn Mann, Bena Tshishiku.

Reference for the first five weeks topics: Candel and Conlon, "Foliations I"

Lecture notes: Notes taken by Bena Tshishiku can be found on his webpage here

Part I:

Part II

We'll read a recent paper of H. Eynard-Bontemps on the connectedness of the space of (smooth, transversely oriented) codimension 1 foliations on a closed 3-manifolds.

I encourage everyone to read the short and extremely friendly expository version available here
The full paper is here: arxiv version, or -- better published (invent. math.) version.

Other references are listed below week-by-week.
Proposed weekly schedule

Part III?

Future topics, depending on interest: Sander is interested in discussing h-principles for foliations and relationships to diffeomorphism groups. Here is a detailed list of further references. E-mail Sander if you are interested in a particular one.