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Math 104: Introduction to Analysis
Section 1, Fall 2015

Course Information

This course is intended as an introduction to real analysis. Real analysis is the study of functions on the real numbers. Topics covered include the real number system, sequences and limits, continuous functions, differentiation and integration, mean value theorem, power series, and metric spaces. Some of the topics will look familiar from your high school and/or college calculus classes, but we will seek to rigorously develop ideas and prove many of the statements that you took for granted during calculus.

The course has a reputation for being challenging -- you will regularly be asked to develop ideas on your own and come up with your own methods to solve problems, and then write those ideas down as rigorous proofs. This is an essential skill to learn for upper division courses, especially if you wish to continue in mathematics in the future. At the beginning of the course, we will make an effort to write down the details of all proofs so that you can get an idea of what is expected. However, as the semester progresses, some details will be left for you to fill in on your own. This is necessitated by time constraints, but it will also help you practice the skills needed to succeed in future mathematics courses.


This course meets MWF 9-10am in 20 Wheeler.


The final exam solutions are available.

Midterm 2 was in class on October 30. The solutions have been posted.

Midterm 1 occurred in class on September 21. The solutions are available.

The website for the Fall 2013 version of this course is available.

Last modified 17 December 2015.