Math 1B, Spring 2020

This is the homepage for Spring 2020 Math 1B discussion sessions 209 and 219.

GSI: Kyle Miller
E-mail: kmill at
Meeting times: MWF 10–11am (Disc 209) and 3–4pm (Disc 219) over Zoom
Office hours: 2–3pm MW over Zoom, or by appointment
See also: Discussion bCourses and Prof. Paulin’s website

The math department publishes a rough course overview. There is also a collection of some past exams.


Syllabus: See Prof. Paulin’s website.


In case you want more, the department publishes additional worksheets on the Lower Division Course Outlines page: Math 1B Worksheet (pdf).



These are some additional notes that I’ve sent out.

[1] Modified on 3/18 to clarify hints. Modified on 3/20 to have footnote about notation.