Math 1B, Fall 2015

This is the homepage for the Fall 2015 Math 1B discussion sections 105 and 109.

Instructor: Kyle Miller
E-mail: kmill at
Meeting times:
    For 105, MWF 10-11 am in 9 Evans
    For 109, MWF 12-1 pm in 85 Evans
Office hours: T 2-3pm, Th 1-2pm in 1066 Evans, or by appointment. For RRR week, office hours are T and Th, 1-4pm. There is also a review session on Wednesday, December 9th, noon-2pm, in 3 Evans.

The math department publishes a rough course overview. There is also a collection of some past exams.

1. Exams

Update: second midterm has been dropped. Rather than per cent, the grades are now per octogesimus (that is, out of eighty).

2. Worksheets

The department publishes worksheets on the Lower Division Course Outlines page, Math 1B Worksheet (pdf).

3. Extra

  1. Aug 31. Solution to 11.1 problem 90
  2. Aug 31. Solution to 11.1 problem 91
  3. Sep 2. Note about the sum of convergent and divergent series
  4. Sep 14. Note about a series from lecture
  5. Sep 14. Note about the “log test”
  6. Sep 18. Midterm 1 Review
  7. Sep 19. Note about a series from lecture (update)
  8. Sep 23. Note about uniqueness of a solution in 11.9
  9. Sep 28. The Most Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics (external). For getting some mathematical maturity, consider looking at A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics by Liebeck (I have a copy if you want to look at it).
  10. Oct 12. Examples of numeric integration on a computer
  11. Oct 21. Hydrostatic pressure in a cylindrical tank
  12. Oct 23. Midterm 2 Review
  13. Oct 28. Midterm 2 Solutions
  14. Oct 30. Spring cart
  15. Nov 4. Terminal velocity of a water droplet
  16. Nov 21. Homogeneous linear differential equations with constant coefficients
  17. Dec 8. Final exam review