Aaron Kleinman's Homepage

I'm a fifth-year Ph.D. student in mathematics at UC Berkeley advised by Lior Pachter. I'm interested in combinatorics and phylogenetics, and am also pursuing a designated emphasis in computational biology.

Before Berkeley I was an undergraduate at Princeton University, where I received an AB in Mathematics and a certificate in Applications of Computing.

My e-mail address is: kleinman at math.berkeley.edu


Affine and Projective Tree Metric Theorems (with Matan Harel and Lior Pachter), to appear in Annals of Combinatorics, special issue: 10 years of BADMath.

On the Robustness of Balanced Minimum Evolution, preprint

The Size of Common Subtrees of Pairs of Phylogenetic Trees, (in preparation)


This semester I'm a GSI for two sections of Math 53, taught by John Neu. You can find my website here.

Student DE Seminar

I'm organizing the student computational biology seminar for Spring 2012. If you would like to speak, please e-mail me!