NEW POLICIES: (1) Please come to me to take back your last time's homework every time just BEFORE my class start. And I will collect all your homework AFTER my class. Therefore, If most of you get stuck in the same questions, we will discuss it during the class time. However, as what happens today, it is nearly impossible to cover all the problems. Hence, you need to complete your homework as much as possible. LATE HOMEWORK will not be accepted.
(2) Anyone who wants to know how much grade he/she gets so far, please just try to email me. I usually take at most 1 day to reply.
(3) Anyone who does not have the textbook please email me and I can give you some files for homework section problems.
Useful Link: you may find some useful resources in Peyam's Homepage.
You can also consult other GSIs if you are busy during my office hours. Here is the full schedule of GSI office hours:
Kai-Chieh Chen812 EvansM 8-9 and 4-5
William Johnson739 EvansM 11:30-12:30, W 10:30-11:30
Kerri Smyth866 EvansT, W 4-5
Kyle Russ814 EvansW 9-11
Joe Kileel1006 EvansW 12-2 (starting Sept. 10)
Eric Hallman854 EvansW 3:30 - 4:30, Th. 10-11
Alec Gagnon866 EvansT, Th 2-3
Andreas Voellmer739 EvansT, Th 2:30-3:30
Yingdi Qin1058 EvansF 8-10

August 28th: Photos of Problems-Prob 1,2, Prob 3,4, Prob 5,6, Prob 7,8, Prob 9,10. Photos of Answers-Part1, Part2, Part3.
August 29th: Syllabus-Part1, Part2. Screenshots of homework problems - Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6.
September 2nd: Answers.
September 9th: Answers, Answers for Extra Problems.
September 11th: I'll show you what are inverse functions of trignometric functions - Worksheet 1, Worksheet 2. Answers.
September 16th: Answers.
September 18th: Answers.
September 23rd: Answers. Correction for the mistake I have made (for DIS 301): Correction.
September 25th: Answers. Bonus question solution: Answer.
September 30th: Answers.
October 2nd: Continuity and differentiability on an interval. Semi-differentiability. Answers. Bonus Questions.
October 7th: Answers.
October 9th: Answers. Notes.(These are notes about what I have talked in the discussion session.)
October 14th: Answers.
October 16th: Answers.
October 21st: Newton's Law of Cooling - Notes2. Answers. Bonus questions solution: Answer.
October 23rd: Answers.
October 28th: Answers.
October 30th: Answers. Extra Suggested Problems.
November 4th: Answers.
November 6th: Answers.
November 13rd: Answers.
November 18th: Answers.
November 20th: Answers.
November 25th: Answers. Solution for the hard question in the lecture: Solution.
December 2nd: Answers.
December 4th: Answers. Review Exam: Problems. (updated at 11:38, 12/4) Answers for the review exam: Answers. (updated at 15:35, 12/15)