Jeff Hicks, PhD Student

I am a sixth year graduate student in the math department at UC Berkeley. I grew up in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California , before getting my MA at UCLA.

Mathematically, my interests lie in symplectic geometry and algebraic topology, specifically mirror symmetry. My advisor is Denis Auroux . This semester, I'll be visiting ETH Zurich.

Outside of mathematics my hobbies include playing piano, salsa dancing, board games, and cooking things in large pots.

An outline of coursework, research and teaching experience can be found in my CV.


Tropical Lagrangians and Mirror Symmetry

I'm currently interested in Lagrangian submanifold in SYZ fibrations from the data of a tropical curve on the base of the fibration. A portion of my PhD project is proving homological mirror symmetry results for these Lagrangians, and studying the A-model properties, as well as generalizing their construction to almost toric fibrations. These constructions validate the expectation that symplectic and complex geometry in SYZ fibrations can be related to eachother via tropical geometry of the base in the open string setting.

Lagrangian Cobordisms

Monotone Lagrangian cobordisms provide equivalences in the Fukaya category. I am looking at mirror symmetry interpretations of extending these results to nonmonotone Lagrangian cobordisms. These non-monotone Lagrangian cobordisms give insights on how to glue together charts parameterizing Lagrangian submanifolds taking into account wall crossing from instanton corrections.

Teaching and Outreach

  • Teaching at UC Berkeley

    At UC Berkeley, I have been supported by both GSI, GSR and teaching fellowship funding. Courses include second semester calculus in Fall 13 ; Linear algebra in Spring 14 ; and Multivariable calculus in Fall 14 , Spring 16 , and Fall 17 .

    In addition to my GSI work, I've taught and developed course material for an undergraduate topics and introductory research course during Spring 15 and Spring 17.

  • Berkeley Directed Reading Program

    In 2014, I started up the Berkeley Mathematics Directed Reading Program along with Nick Ramsey and Alex Youcis. In addition to being a program organizer through 2017, I have run several mentored several students through the DRP program.

  • Other Outreach

    I have mentored for several summers at Canada-USA Mathcamp and am this year's academic program coordinator with Apurva Nakade. I've also taught for the Prison University Project, the Los Angeles Math Circle, and organized Splash at UCLA. Outside of teaching I have served as a delegate from the math department to Graduate Assembly .

  • Notes

  • Various Writings

    Course notes for Math 191 (In Progress)

    Functoriality of Chromatic Complex (Math 249, 2013)

  • Seminars

    Student Sympletic Seminar , organized with Morgan Weiler

    SFT Seminar , organized with Morgan Weiler, Catherine Cannizzo, and Ben Gammage

    Seminar of the Snake,a first-year seminar organized with Alex Youcis.

  • Seminar Notes

    Here are a few notes I've put together for seminar talks I've given. As these are seminar notes assembled primarily for my own benefit, they are still very much in draft form, and all mathematical errors are my own.

  • Contact

    office: HG F 28.8, ETH Zurich


    office hours: by appointment