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I've posted here a document entailing some info about my discussion sections and how I'll be grading homework and quizzes.


Don't be shy! Do come into office hours with questions -- it's never too late for me to help you.

Drop-in-tutoring is available at the Student Learning Center, and is a great potential first place to look for outside help.

There are so many online resources that I cannot even begin to list them all; MIT's Open Courseware is a fantastic resource, not just for this class, but many others. If you would like more online resources for a particular topic and are having trouble finding them, feel free to email me — I would be happy to try my luck online as well.


Date Quiz Solutions
08/30 Quiz 01 Solutions
09/06 Quiz 02 Solutions
09/13 Quiz 03 Solutions
09/20 Quiz 04 Solutions
10/04 Quiz 05 Solutions
10/11 Quiz 06 Solutions
10/18 Quiz 07 Solutions
11/01 Quiz 08 Solutions
11/08 Quiz 09 Solutions
11/15 Quiz 10 Solutions
11/29 Quiz 11 Solutions