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Jeremy Meza

Email: jdmeza [AT] berkeley [DOT] edu
Office: Evans Hall 775


I am a third year PhD student in the Mathematics department at UC Berkeley. My advisor is Mark Haiman.
I completed my undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in 2015. Here is my CV.


My interests lie in the following broad areas: Algebraic Combinatorics, Representation Theory, Lie Theory. They are piqued by the following (incomplete list of) buzzwords: Young tableaux, Schur polynomial, q-analog, Kostka-Foulkes, Hall-Littlewood, generating function, roots, weights, character, irreducible, plethysm, adjunction, invariant, Rota, Fulton.


Fall 2017: Math 32 (Precalculus)

Seminars & Talks

In Spring 2016 I co-organized, along with Madeline Brandt, a seminar meant to replace the usual graduate combinatorics course (MATH 249) at Berkeley. You can find the website here.

In Fall 2016 I co-organized, along with Christopher Miller, a seminar on Macdonald Polynomials called BIG-MAC.